Unreliable Hair and Make Up Artist

Hi there,

I am just looking for a little bit of advice.

I booked my hair and makeup in with a mobile hairdresser a few months ago, whose website looked great. She replied to my initial email within 24 hours. However as soon as I booked her, responses to my emails seemed to stop or take ages. I have tried calling a few times but she has never picked up.

I emailed her asking about some dates for a trial and waited 8 days without a reply. I ended up emailing again and she eventually did reply. I asked what time would be best but again no reply, but as I had time I thought I'd sort that out closer to the time.

2 weeks to the trial I emailed again and got no reply, called and no reply. 1 week before I text and got a reply the next day so I agreed the time and sent her my address. The trial was supposed to be yesterday and I had a feeling it wasn't going to happen. Then 1 hour before she was due to arrive she text to say she could not make it as her child was ill. Now, I completely understand that family has to come first, but the fact that I was already expecting something like this to happen makes me feel really suspicious. I can't help but think that if she was cancelling for this reason she would know more than an hour beforehand. I text back to say I hope her son feels better and asked if she could do another day this week (as she had said she could rearrange). She has not replied to this text, not even to say she would have to see how her son is.

I feel like cancelling and booking somewhere else but am I being unreasonable? I am trying to be understanding to her situation but her lack of communication is stressing me out. I have been looking elsewhere and I think I would end up paying a bit more, and I doubt I would get my deposit back.

I think I am being perhaps a bit more irrational because hair and makeup is important to me for my wedding day as I am not used to being centre of attention and those photos will be around for a long time. I am much bigger than my bridesmaids who are size 6-8 and I think in my mind pretty hair and makeup will give me the confidence I need.

My OH is trying to be understanding but of course, doesn't really think it is as big an issue as I do! So I was wondering what you lovely brides to be thought?

As an aside, could anyone recommend hair/makeup artists in Liverpool?

Sorry for the ramble! Any advice would be much appreciated!


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I don't think you are being irrational at all, and I completely understand you feeling like this. When is your wedding? Personally if it was me I would start looking around elsewhere as I would be worried about her not turning up on the day.

  • Aimee Jones2Aimee Jones2 Posts: 417

    Cancel! I had issues with my first mu, we had a trial arranged, I text a couple of days before and yes all fine, travelled to swansea to my sister in laws and she didn't show. I waited 2 hours for her, she didn't answer her phone and finally text me to say she had a hospital appointment and had lost all her diary in her phone!! Could we rearrange! I thought about IT and decided no, I'd be a nervous wreck! I went with someone else who was fab!! You will be worrying about it right up to the day if you stay with her. Good luck x x 

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 584 New bride

    I totally agree with AimeeJones2 cancel her and find someone else, you'll lose a bit of money but save yourself a lot of stress. I had a horrendous make up trial with a vile woman and had to pay £50 for the pleasure- such a waste of money, but I cancelled her because there was no way I ever wanted to see her again, especially not on my wedding day. Save yourself the headache and book someone else- its her loss for being so unprofessional, no excuse at all in this error of electronic communication.

  • RubyCatRubyCat Posts: 271 New bride

    Have you paid? If not I wouldn't hesitate to cancel. Sounds like her heart's not in the business

  • DanniMcIsDanniMcIs Posts: 38

    I can't recommend anyone I'm afraid but I agree with the others I would definitely cancel and put your mind at ease by booking someone else.  Good luck and I hope you find someone really amazing! x

  • I'm a hair stylist and makeup artist and I say cancel, I would never dream of treating my clients like this.  The lack of communication is worrying, and I see it time and time again brides being let down right at the last minute for Their big day.  She can't help if her son is ill but the total lack of communication anyway would sound alarm bells to me x

  • Rose9Rose9 Posts: 13

    I would cancel hun.My hairdresser was great always text me straight back or emailed.I don't know where about in the country you are but Julie at www.diamondsandcurls.co.uk is lovely very proffessional.Good luck.x

  • I agree with what everyone else has said - she's incredibly unprofessional. I think this is going to really worry you in the run up to the wedding and you'll be panicking the night before that she'll be a no show - cancel her and find someone else. 

    Juliet x

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