Makeup Artist in Lake District

Hi all, 

I am really struggling to find a reasonably priced makeup artist that isn't booked in the Lakes, we are getting married in Ullswater and staying in Pooley Bridge. I'm not sure on exact numbers yet because the people who want it doing, would have to pay for themselves (sounds harsh but I'm not a meanie i promise image).

If anyone has any suggestions I would be so grateful!!

Forgot to mention its on 20th August 2016.


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  • SutesSutes Posts: 697

    Hi Louise, I used Helen Townson who is a mobile make up artist when I got married in Ullswater recently.  I cannot recommend her enough, she was great and really listened to what I wanted! X

  • Louise146Louise146 Posts: 6

    Fantastic, I will have a look now! Thank you xx

  • Louise146Louise146 Posts: 6

    Just googled and I've already contacted this lady haha she is booked up unfortunately! Thanks again though xxx

  • Jen043Jen043 Posts: 6

    Hi I had the same problem with struggling to find someone who was reasonably priced. I've gone with Jenna Alexander (recommended via a friend and found via Facebook Makeup By Jenna Alexander). She is based in Dalton in Furness so probably will charge petrol but she's been lovely when I've dealt with her so far (I'm getting married May 2016 at the Low Wood Bay hotel) xx

  • Louise146Louise146 Posts: 6

    thanks I will give her a try as well! 

    Low Wood Bay is absolutely lovely! Let's hope the weather is kind to us ???? although even when it rains in the lakes it's still so nice! 

    Thanks again xxx

  • Louise146Louise146 Posts: 6

    Hi Jen043,

    I've booked in with Jenna and she was so helpful and like you say very reasonable in her prices. Thank you for recomending her, such a weight off my mind.

    Louise xx

  • Jen043Jen043 Posts: 6

    Hi Louise, glad  you've got it  sorted. I know what you mean, I still thought I had ages but got panicked when I went to book the registrar at the 12 month mark to find the time I wanted was booked up! I hope the weather is nice for us too but you never know with the lakes! Have you booked most things now or not?xx

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