Hair & beauty in Cardiff?

I have just been let down by the person I had booked to do my hair and makeup 6 weeks before our wedding!
I don't live in Cardiff so it's hard to know who will be good or not.
Can any of you lovely people recommend anybody who would be able to do this for me?


  • Welshbride16Welshbride16 Posts: 133 New bride

    I looked at a few people (live in Cardiff but getting married in the Gower) Emily Porter is doing my make up, and a lady called Kayleigh Sterio hair up is doing my hair.

    Also a lady called Taryn who is mobile hair up, brideology who I believe will travel.

    Janet White-Ashby does both hair and make up.

    Have a look on the wedding awards website as they have all the names of the finalists from each region too.

    Hope that helps a bit! 

  • Sally47Sally47 Posts: 2

    Thank you! I hadn't come across any of these names so it's very much appreciated. 

  • Welshbride16Welshbride16 Posts: 133 New bride

    Kayleigh is only on Facebook, I assume most people will travel too but may charge a bit extra? Plenty of hairdressers I would imagine also do hair up for weddings?

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