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Blooming heck its been nearly 6 years since I have been on here planning my wedding. So I am moh at a Wedding in a month and after a conversation with bride just needed opinions so though I would come back here for advice. The wedding is in America, I'm wearing a long purple dress with high heel silver shoes. I was asked by mob if I wanted them to book me a hair appointment which I said yes to so asked bride what way she was having hers and what way she wanted mine. The response has left me flummoxed; she is having an up do and said that I was wearing a cowboy hat. I didn't even know they were having a cowboy theme. She also said my daughter was wearing one to but her mum told me months ago she would have a gypsophila crown. Now I have grown my hair for 2 years for this wedding so I could keep style options open. How can I do my hair? If I have it half up half down will all the pins get stuck in hat and wreck hair as it will be really warm being a summer wedding and if I just have it down is there any point in going to hair dressers?


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    Are they pulling your leg?

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    No hun, I wish they were she is a chef at a rodeo! She doesn't have that kind of humour.

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    image xpearlwallaoheadbandx

    why dont you use this headband and make roll up your hair. so its be simple and not feel hot



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    Whatever the occasion may be, the best possible hairdo can finish the look and show up as well as can be expected be for that vital day. This is especially imperative with respect to the matter of you're wedding. Coordinating your hairdo with your marriage outfit is crucial; the wrong hair style can make you're entire gathering look less wonderful or even detract from you're dress.



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