Bridesmaid hair and makeup...who pays?


I'm looking at booking a hair and makeup artist for the big day and have found the average quote to be around £120 for bridal hair and makeup, and £50-70 for bridesmaid and MOB. 

Do you think it is reasonable for me to ask bridesmaids to pay for themselves or is it expected that this is covered within the wedding budget? I have 5 bridesmaids.


Thanks :)


  • CrabcakefaceCrabcakeface Posts: 134

    I am only paying for hair so far (haven't actually told bridesmaids this yet!). I have been undecided about having a make up artist for myself so I wasn't prepared to pay for everyone else if I wasn't having it done. I am going to find the prices out for make up and let them know I can only cover costs for either hair or make up. I think it's great if people have the budget to pay for it all but it has to stop somewhere. I'm paying for dress, shoes, accessories, alterations and their room for the night of the wedding.

  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    I paid for hair & make up, I didn’t think I could really say I didn’t want a certain way if I wasn’t paying for it (basically no orange faces or Amy Wino eyes! lol) .  Only thing I didn’t pay for was their make up trial, I gave them option of having 1 & if they wanted then they could pay for it.  I also had 5 bridesmaids, it worked out £35 each for their make up, hair was £50 each (the 50 included a trial). Everyone is different,  I didnt feel comfortable asking people to play a part in our day yet not pay for most of it

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215

    Given that you're having quite a few bridesmaids and the costs will therefore higher, I don't think it would be unreasonable to ask your bridesmaids to at least contribute towards hair and make-up.  They surely will appreciate that weddings are costly and any help towards the costs makes life a lot easier for you.

    I'm only having one bridesmaid and while I'm paying for her dress, flowers, hair and make-up.  I've told her that she's paying for her own hair and make up trials if she wants them and she can sort out her own shoes and accessories as these are things she'll probably wear again - she seemed perfectly happy with that.

    E x

  • Now_MrsMNow_MrsM Posts: 395

    First time round i paid for hair and make up (i had 3), this time my BM's are little people so only hair to do and my sister is doing that so its free!

  • Aimee Jones2Aimee Jones2 Posts: 417

    I paid for hair and bridesmaids had the option of make up which they would pay for-they all did their own lol x x 

  • I'm paying for my BMs hair but have said that if they would like make up then they can pay for themselves. Lots of people prefer to do their own make up as it is such a personal thing and I really don't have a specific look that I want them to have. I think if you want to dictate styles etc then you should probably pay for it but if not, why not leave it up to them? 

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I previously said that I wouldn't be booking hair for my 2 bm (they are age 12 and 14 so don't need make up and both have short hair so are limited in what they can do with it). However I have now been forced to book it, as I was TOLD to do it by their mother, but I certainly wont be paying for it on the day.

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  • jamborinajamborina Posts: 52

    I was originally going to just pay for hair but I decided that since they're all buying their own shoes and accessories (I want them to wear what they're comfortable in and since there are five of them it's impossible to find shoes, jewellery etc that will suit them all), that I'll pay for their makeup too as this actually comes to less than shoes and acccessories would have cost me!

  • Joanne DJoanne D Posts: 8

    I did ask my ladies to pay for their own shoes but I saw some in a colour I liked so I bought them but let them choose the style. I asked them would they like to pay for their hair or make up and they chose make up. Be honest and upfront as early as possible. So they also know how much money they need to have ready too, their supposed to be your beasties so I think your just overthinking everything. They also didn't need a trial I just had to have them at my trial so she could see their skin type and colour. To also save me some money I only paid for one to have a hair trial my maid of honour. Once I was happy they all got the same. It was my wedding. 

  • I don't think its unreasonable at all, i'm going to pay for either their hair or make up but not both as I can't afford it, so they can either pay for what i don't pay for or do their own

  • RubyCatRubyCat Posts: 271 New bride

    If you are insisting they get it done professionally of course you have to pay.


    If it's up to them, do it yourself, do each others, get it done wherever you want, then you don't have to pay

  • Thanks for all the advice ladies. I spoke with my bridesmaids and said that I will pay for their hair but they can either pay to have their makeup done or do it themselves and they have all said they will pay for their makeup and never expected me to pay for both anyway. Happy days :)

  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 331 New bride

    Glad you got this sorted.  I did the same - paid for hair and they said they would prefer to do their own make up anyway x

  • MissGMissG Posts: 86

    I'm paying for hair and they are paying for their make up, as it was up to them if they wanted to do it themselves or not xx

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