Can you help us test beauty products

Hi girls,

We're looking for real brides to test beauty products for us. If you're interested, leave a comment below and tell us what kind of product you'd like to test - something that will help you for your wedding x


  • Now_MrsMNow_MrsM Posts: 395

    I have an issue with foundation "sitting" on my skin and also settling into my pores in places so giving a mix between a greasy/shiny surface and a stippled almost golf ball affect?? i have tried many different products with no joy....

  • Michelle09Michelle09 Posts: 141

    Foundation that blends easily. Or eyeliner that doesn't leak (I wear contact lenses which tends to make them run)

    Hand/face moisturisers. My skin takes a fair bit of battering for work and my love of travelling so I am reliant on good moisturisers.

    Happy to test most things. :)

  • jemmykins09jemmykins09 Posts: 618

    oooh, me :)  i'd be willing to test any make-up/beauty/smellies etc as i'm an the most ungirlie bride and need some help to find the best products! :) 

  • Amanda12Amanda12 Posts: 127

    I need something to help reduce shine - I find I get a bit shiny if wearing make up all day but extra powder can then look too powdery ( yes I know, it's because it's powder!)

  • jamborinajamborina Posts: 52

    A good primer.  I have combination skin and it just drinks up foundation but a lot of primers make me break out.

  • I'd love to try something to strengthen my nails - I love trying new colours and patterns, but since I started in a more 'hands on' job, they keep splitting and breaking! I was really looking forward to doing my own nails for my big day, but looks like I'm going to have to get falsies at this rate

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 584 New bride

    I'd love to test any kind of face or body product except fake tan,hair products and the following makeup items; blusher, mascara, bb cream, eye shadows,plus any beauty 'gadgets'.

    For the ladies struggling with foundation i recommend Body Shop Primer-cheap and amazing,and No.7 Colour Matched Foundation.Seriously,its the best foundation I've ever used,like a second skin.

    Michelle09 i too wear contacts. I use either Mac pencil eyeliner or Avon ones-they don't budge at all.

  • NennypennyNennypenny Posts: 151

    I can help you test beauty and skin products! I can be a guinea pig

    I would love to find a good face masque that reduces the appearance of pores, I also have oily skin so anything that tackles that would also be great.

    Any skincare that is great on spots too - I have been flaring up recently, I think because I am doing a lot more exercise so need something to help there.

    I need to find a good lipstick too - that is one bit of my makeup that I am not good at all.

    But really anything that you want to try out I am happy to review! X

  • Rea3Rea3 Posts: 133

    I would love to try a waterproof mascara - I know I am likely to cry but I like big lashes and generally I cant find one that combines both!


  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266

    ohh I would be super interested I'm a beauty therapist by trade and have a product addiction. My bathroom rivals my salon treatment room whoops  i would like to test make up and anything to enhance radiance x

  • CrabcakefaceCrabcakeface Posts: 134

    I would be interested in fake lashes and mascara and foundation primer.

  • RC15RC15 Posts: 235

    I am also interested in this! 

    id happily test primers and foundations and powders as I have not yet found my holy grail! 

    I want something that has good coverage but doesn't feel or look too cakey! Something to hide my freckles too... I have combination skin and my t zone can get shiny and/or oxidise too which is an issue! 

    fyi best mascara around is Charlotte Tilbury's! X

  • nicola137nicola137 Posts: 10

    Iv got pretty dry skin so I'd love to find a really good moisturising foundation that doesn't cake x

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I'd happily test anything, but I would have a big interest in anything like foundation, bb cream, powder etc that would hide acne scarring and chloasma patches. 

  • I'd love to try something that would make me look less tired! Anything I try seems to look a bit dull and I want something to make my skin glow a little, especially the bags under my eyes! 

    But I'm equally happy to try any beauty products! 


  • Becky33Becky33 Posts: 79

    I have huge open pores on my nose and foundation just slides right off it!  Also I have terribly fine flat hair and have never managed t o find anything that would increase it's volume without getting that wet look gel look.

  • Mrs NapsMrs Naps Posts: 10

    I would love to test anything for Afro-Caribbean skin plus any eye make up👰🏾.

  • VictoriaaaaVictoriaaaa Posts: 137

    I would love to test any foundations / primers. The foundation and primer i have now doesn't do anything, my skin just looks caked and dry!

    I'd try anything that needed trying really.

  • Ruth1983Ruth1983 Posts: 9

    I'd be really happy to help test anything for "problem skin" I am currently working hard to change my diet (12 months until the big day) in order to stop me breaking out at the age of 32!!

    Make-up wise I have dark-circles under my eyes often, so good concealers and foundations.

  • I would love to test perfumes or anything to help clear out my skin. I'm currently drinking as much water as humanly possible to flush everything out in a bid to clear up my spotty and unhappy skin,


    Also would love help for a good lipstick for my wedding date :)

  • jenny33jenny33 Posts: 10

    Hi there.  I would love to try any beauty items.  Especially lipsticks as they never seem to last on me.  I need to establish a skin care routine as well, at the moment its a bit hit and miss x

  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    I'd be happy to try anything really! would be great to find a foundation that lasts all day like they advertise but like I say I would try anything 

  • Annie14Annie14 Posts: 17

    I would like to test perfumes as I need a wedding scent! 


    Also any nail strengthening products or teeth whitening products! 


    My my skin is oily/combination so anything that will stop me from being shiny would also be a bonus! X

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