Help! Anybody know the do's and don't of veil wearing??

Hi guys, This is my first post on here!

My other half is very traditional, and I want to stick to certain traditions for him...
We've agreed not to get married in a church, and at a very beautiful Hotel instead... In regards to the Veil over the head/covering the face.... has anybody done this that's not in a church?

There are different reasons behind the tradition, some religious some not so I'm not sure if there are actually any 'rules' as such.

He's in the RAF and the lads will be in uniform with two of them welcoming people at the door and standing guard during the Ceremony,
I see it in my head and I thought it would be quite nice to come in without anybody else seeing my face and have him see me first (except for the obvious, bridesmaids etc)

Any points of views/ opinions are welcome! I just don't want to look silly....


  • I think that's a very beautiful idea.. I'm sure you can do it however way you like. 

    I personally like the idea of having your face covered until the groom lifts the veil which I think is perfect! Good Luck xx

  • Peta HuntPeta Hunt Posts: 17

    of course you can wear a veil whereever you want, try on a shoulder length one to start with your dress, see how you feel before branching out into a really long one. Double layer always is good for covering your face first then flipping back.  If you feel this is too much, how about a fascinator? they add a extra touch of glamour and romance.


    If the guys are in uniform I think it adds an extra touch of magic

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    I don't think there are any rules tbh, if t hats what you want to do then go for it :) 

  • TeamBurnsTeamBurns Posts: 2

    Thanks Ladies

    I do love the fascinators! I already have a veil (It's older than I am!) It's currently the same length as my dress, but I'm thinking about having it altered, so we'll see when I have my dress fitting :)

    Think I will.... be nice to save it for him, he's under orders from his dad to not turn around and watch me walk up the isle.

    Yeah the uniform's just look stunning, just want to match up to him!

    Thanks again

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