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Ideas for up-do please!


I've got my hair trial in just over two weeks and I'm really stuck for ideas!

I have quite fine hair, but there's a lot of it (if that makes sense!) and I really want to have a kind of Audrey Hepburn style up-do, as my dress is quite 60s style and I want to keep it simple but chic and elegant. Problem is my hair is just shoulder length (oh and i have a heavy fringe as well). Will this work?

Does anyone have any idea what I should take with me to the hairdressers.... will i need anything like these 'donut' things (?!) I'm not having a tiara, but would like something- hair band, whatever, some kind of decoration, in my hair. any ideas gratefully received!

Help, i'm really confused ! :\?


  • Aileen1976Aileen1976 Posts: 126
    My hairdresser told me to take some pictures of ideas of hairdo's I want, got some really good ideas from, the hairdresser should provide all the stuff to put your hair up with, but if you are worried about it, speak to her and see what she wants you to bring. As far a hair accessories goes, you should try, I got a stunning hair comb for my BM from there and they had some other lovely accessories on the site too. Figureisland on ebay is also really good for hair accessories.
  • balgaylassbalgaylass Posts: 20
    Thanks for that, I had a look at Figureisland on ebay and they have some really nice stuff. I'm thinking a kind of plain gold band rather than a tiara, plus maybe some hair spins... hopefully the hairdresser will have some good ideas! (and my sister, who i'm taking with me to the trial!).

    Just hope I manage to get my hair up into the style i want. A bit scared of hairpieces!
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    hi - if you go to google and type audrey hepburn under "images" you should get some pics up to print off.if the hairdressers are used to bridal hair they should provide the rings / clips etc. a hair piece or extension may help and if it`s put in by hairdresser it won`t go anywhere xx
  • serinec123serinec123 Posts: 537
    I'm having my hair in a chigon bun. My hair is short and can just about be tied back... I'm cheating using a false ponytail, only cost about £30 for a real hair piece and you can pick up false ones for less than £10.

  • balgaylassbalgaylass Posts: 20
    Where did you get these hair pieces? I guess it might be worth having a look - I'm sure you're right, if they're put in by a hairdresser they won't fall out! I can tie my hair back quite easily but having a bit more length will give me more options I guess.

    Is anyone else having a plain band instead of a tiara? I thought it might be quite nice, just the band and a few pins with pearls or roses around the back...
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