Confused on what to do with my hair!

Hi all,

With 6 weeks to go today (eeek, so excited) I am getting really worked up and stressed out about what to do with my hair!

I am getting married abroad and have a hair trial on the Sunday before we get married. My dress is a Mon Cheri:




I want my hair in a updo as I have it down often and it is quite long and thick. The styles I am thinking of are below - I would love something similar to these:





I do have a two tier veil as well with little detailing on the bottom. For jewellery I am thinking of a pair of pearl drop earrings only as my dress is quite sparkly and the belt is a nice sized crystal. 

Would you wear a side tiara/tiara or headband or comb at the back with the above dress and styles? I can't work out if a side tiara/tiara will be too much with everything else and am leaning towards having a comb at the back or at the side of my hair. I am getting a bit tired of looking at so many pictures so would love some helpful advice! What are you planning on wearing and what is your hairstyle?

Thank you for listening to my rambling :)


  • I think both of those are lovely. With such a detailed dress, I wouldn't go for a side tiara as I'd want my face to be the focus! The hair will compliment the dress perfectly. You dont want too much going on!


  • Thank you, I am leaning towards nothing at all or a comb at the back for the behind photos and for people to see. I think my dress has too much detailing for a tiara, especially a glitzy one and that is why I have gone for pearl earrings. I personally think what the model is wearing for a necklace and bracelet is a little too much...

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