More expensive than I thought?!

Hi guys


im looking for somebody who can do hair and make up for me and two bridesmaids on the day, preferably with a trial for each of us first (the venue Warwick House in Southam Warwickshire)

i can find plenty of places but to be honest I dont think I prepared myself for the price! 

how much did you guys pay and does anyone have any suggestions of how to save a bit (other than not having both hair and make up for the BM's)

maybe someone knows of someone who's building a portfolio or just starting out... I'm curious to know how much you paid?

i may have to change my budget slightly if three of us want  with trials too - how important is  hair and make up trials for the BM's I wonder?! i would prefer I had one... 


Guess ill start saving some more pennies :)


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    You've worried me now - I think I have budgeted £100 for hair & make up, but that was a pure guess!

    I best start getting quotes & stuff too xx

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    My BMs are potentially having a half up doo, with some gyp flower detail. Quite simple. So they are not having a trial. But if they was having an updo or pulled to one side with more detail, then I would get them a trial.

    guess depends on the style your BMs are having?  

  • Sam60 wrote (see post):

    You've worried me now - I think I have budgeted £100 for hair & make up, but that was a pure guess!

    I best start getting quotes & stuff too xx

    To be honest I've had a good 4-5 quotes and my budget of £200 has been blown out the water and I've had quotes from 390-550! The one I've taken a like to at the moment is coming out at 440 - which is for hair and make up for all three of us on the day, a trial beforehand, lip colour, individual eyelash extension if wanted


    i wordering if maybe im looking in the wrong places or for something more fancy that what I actually require, maybe be looking at smaller style salons rather than 'professional' artists, hence my post on here to see if I'm doing something wrong


    ny wedding isn't until 2017 so I'm nowhere near at a panic but it's made me think a little more now while I have thinking time!


    good luck with your quotes, be interested to hear what your getting, where are you based?

  • CR1689 wrote (see post):

    My BMs are potentially having a half up doo, with some gyp flower detail. Quite simple. So they are not having a trial. But if they was having an updo or pulled to one side with more detail, then I would get them a trial.

    guess depends on the style your BMs are having?  

    We haven't even looked at styles yet to be honest so maybe this will determine trials, I was kinda hoping for them to have a great experience on the day and be pampered a little rather than having to sort themselves and I love to be organised and informed of how things will work so maybe that's something I should relax on a little, I think I'll be having some fancy up-do so would want BM's to be a bit more 'lose' and 'down' so your right and trials may not be needed! :)

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    hey nightspark,

    i know this is probably a stupid thing to say at this stage, but have you approached your hairdresser? my hairdresser is doing me, 2 BMs, my mum and MIL for £150. 

    i totally agree with you that it's nice to pamper them on the day but i do think you need to scrap the trail for your BMs or at least paying for them. mine are having a relaxed style (well, whatever they want actually, but that's what i imagine they will go for!) and i'm not paying for trails as i see it as unnecessary. i think a compromise would be that if they want to have a trail that they can pay - it can't be that much surely? 

    i don't live in warwickshire so i can't give you any recommendations. another thought is potentially approaching beauticians or your hairdressers as even if they don't offer it directly, someone they know may be doing it on the side and might not charge the same rates as someone who does bridal hair as a business alone.

    good luck :) x


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    I got ridiculous quotes! For a H&MU trial for me then hair for me and BM and my make up on day got quotes ranging from £300- 500! Stupid insane money in my opinion for 2 people!!! I got around 5 quotes.

    In the end I went to Bobbi Brown and had a free bridal make over then bought the products I wanted and did my own 'bridal' make up (so glad I did and can highly recommend Bobbi Brown make up) and hired a local hairdresser to do my trial and both our hair on the day at my venue- they charged me £90 in total and did an amazing job.

    Good luck! I was shocked by the quotes and really didn't think H&MU was worth that kinda money.

  • I think good idea is to ask a reputable cosmetology school to recommend a student to do your bridal party's makeup. You can save some money.

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    I did my hair & make-up both times I was married previously, largely because of the cost (but also partly because I didn't want to have hair that looked too "done" or make-up that looked like a mask or broke out my sensitive skin.)  

    The prices you ladies have been giving here were similar to what was being quoted to me (converted to US dollars) and I felt they were extortionate. The average hair & make-up (with trial) was about $200-250 (130-160 pounds) per girl and upwards for nicer salons. I found it didn't matter in the slightest either what style hair you were going for, whether it was a formal updo, a loose braid, curls, or anything else: getting your hair "done" (at least here in the States) all priced the same. Things like eyelashes (regular glue-on or extensions) and other items were all extra. Very long hair also costed extra (for the additional time required).

    If you don't want to pay those prices, some fine suggestions have already been made:

    -try a beauty school. Their prices are dramatically less. Downsides include you may not have one near you, you may not get a wedding-day result, you may not be able to get the same student twice, and you definitely are not going to want to skip a trial.

    -do it yourself. Get a friend or family member to help and practice in advance. YouTube videos are a real gem!

    -try the beauty counter for products, application tips, etc., in advance. This approach is kind of a combination of using a pro and DIY.

    -ask your regular stylist (if you have one) if she/he will do it, perhaps for a discount because: 1. you are a regular customer, and 2. because you are bringing him/her a bunch of extra business. If it's a small shop or an independent stylist, he/she may just be flattered you asked, and it might be good for their "portfolio," website, or social media.

    I wouldn't personally skip the trial to save money. I asked for Rita Hayworth style curls/ waves the last time I was getting married, and even with pictures (!), she did my hair exactly the way I didn't want it: typical, big, bad, beauty-pageant curls.  Thank God I did a trial and then proceeded to DIY instead.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to reply guys! Its deff making me reconsider plans and I hadn't even thought of my local hairdresser or students etc! Plenty of time for me to now look into this!

    As much as a good pampering sounds nice, I'm not sure I can justify 400+ for one day! I'd never want to let my hair down or take my make up off!


    i do have some ideas now with contacts I may have, so I'll be looking into a few options now you guys have given me some ideas - thank you! 


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    Hi nightspark!

    When we started planning i assumed I would get someone to do my make up even though i am quite confident in doing it myself, then i looked into pricing and it was crazy. I got a quote for £90 per bridesmaid (remember this is just make up, not hair aswell!) £50 per bridesmaid for a trial and then £250 for the bride (I am just a person with a face! the same as the bridesmaids!) and £100 for my trial.

    I asked the make up artist why there was such a jump in price for the bride and she went oddly quiet......

    In the end it would have cost me over £700 so i am spending about half of that on some really great luxurious make up (that i will then have for honeymoon etc) and doing a bridal make up class at bobbi brown. Its £30 and they work out exactly what you want and teach you how to do it, that £30 is then taken off the price of any products you buy.



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    Just to add, in case you do go with professional option your BMs really don't need trials In my experience. 


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