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Ive chosen my hairdresser and she also does makeup so two birds, one stone! She also has to do by best friends hair (as its actually her go to hairdresser) and my sister who's MOH was going to go to her. Now my mum is asking as well.. Which is gunna be crazy to try and fit in to one morning... Mara is on about us coming to the salon and her blocking out the entire morning. Now, is it best to ask her to come to my house? Or do we all go to the salon? Which will work out easiest? Anyone have any stories or reasons why either one would be better? Thanks in advance X 


  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266

    Hi i work in a salon so see this a lot. Basically it's going to be easier for you I would say to stay at home and easier for her for you to go to salon. 

    explain you would rather her come to you and offer her fuel money. If you go to salon you may have a lot of waiting around X 

  • JeshBJeshB Posts: 65

    Thanks for the advice :) I did think about that as obviously all her equipment will be there ready for her and we won't have to worry about finding plugs etc. She was planning on booking the entire morning out for us all. 


    Is it okay to ask her to come to me? I don't want to mess her about. Just otherwise we're all kind of stuck there as its half way across town 

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    My hairdresser came to me and did ours at my house, which worked out easier as we were running quite late on the day so if I'd had to travel to the salon would have been even later!!

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    The weddings I have been in, we went to the salon. It was nice because they reserved enough stations (chairs), equipment, and staff to accommodate everyone. No one ended up waiting around, because they had other staff managing things, like setting hair and such.  And they served treats (sangria, champagne)

    I personally couldn't accommodate a wedding party in my master bathroom; it can barely accommodate my husband and myself! I would also be too afraid that the stylist would forget to bring something, would need extra help (and there would be none to be had), that there would be too much humidity in the bath/ general area to properly do hair (from everyone showering), that our dogs would get in the way, etc. The salons I have been to -especially for weddings - are spacious, gracious, relaxing, and very prepared. 

    I think it depends on your situation, but going to the salon would be ideal for me.

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    You should think about the timetable for th day. If you need to travel from the salon back to your house after you've had your hair done, what will that mean for your timing? Are there other things people need to do during the morning? 


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