Bridal makeup and wedding photography

Hello brides:

To look on your big day spectacular, not only live but also on the photos they will remember the important moment for life, today I present some tips related to bridal makeup and wedding photography.

In the long-awaited day is essential bridal makeup and wedding photography are not enemies because in case you have not thinking, they are closely related.

The wedding day so guest’s looks like the photographer to choose the lens all the time will be upon you at times like Photo fix arrangement of the bride and groom , the photo shoot wedding and all photos that cannot miss.

So that when the photos were delivered his first thought is not me so I do not see at the wedding! Then I present some tips for bridal makeup look in the mirror and like in the picture:

For bridal makeup look perfect on wedding photography it is important to be inclined to one that is not loaded and that the pictures will be unrecognizable. Beware this does not mean that not lick it if not rather not abuse.

It is very important that they feel safe or makeup artist of their choice in their professionalism and expertise the reason? A bridal makeup is not any, is made with special techniques and products, in order to make them look the same in the pictures of beginning, middle and end of the wedding.

Related to the previous point, a good makeup artist will make your bridal makeup look flawless in wedding photography regardless if it's on the beach, in a closed, night or day.

Another tip for bridal makeup and wedding photography is not using glitter touches so not to his face, which will be captured forever, it seems oily or sweaty due to flash.

Concealed, your foundation as blush or flush can be treacherous so take care that the wedding photography goes unnoticed how? It is identical to the skin tone and not exceeds the amount by wanting to look, for example, bronze or more color.

Finally I recommend that when there are ready to look in the mirror and then take their picture, either cell phone or a digital camera.

Make a comparison, if they are satisfied with the result, go ahead and if not, will still be time to correct if they are disguised, saturated, shiny, his face looks partner in a different tone to the neck etc.

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