How many hair and make up trials should I book?

Hi everyone,

New to the forum :) I'm getting married in June 2016. I'm in the process of booking my hair and make up artist, and was wondering how many different people I should do trials with? Do people shop around or do they tend to just stick with one person? 



  • susan28susan28 Posts: 268

    I tried one person and wasn't that happy so tried another one and was pleased. So I should do as many trials till you find the one that your happy with then stick to it.  More trials = more money.  I didn't like any of the make up trials so did myself in the end  x

  • I had one trial each for hair and make up. I put together lots of pictures and explained clearly what I did and didn't like about each picture- time consuming but worth it, the more info you give the better! 

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