Hair cut too short, only 3 weeks to go

I spent about £100 getting my hair coloured, cut and conditioning treatment. My hair is...or should I say WAS long- I told her very clearly I'm getting married in 3 weeks so I don't want to much off the ends, my hair was in good condition already so it's not like it needed much taken off. Anyway, she hacked away like Edward Scissorhands taking 3/4 inches off! At first I didn't think it looked that bad, but when I got home I hate it, it's just past my shoulders but I feel like the hair trial I had won't look the same on the day!! 


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    Oh no, I have long hair too and would be gutted. You can't put the hair back on though, so you'll have to work with it... I'd suggest you ring your wedding hairdresser asap and try and do another trial, let her suggest what will work with your new length of hair!

    In the meantime make sure you complain to the salon- I know it's difficult to start a confrontation but they need to know!

  • Yeah I will speak to my hairdresser, it's still workable but not going to be the same :(

    I will complain, after spending so money it makes you feel cheated! It's not the end of the world, but it really brought on a bridezilla moment yesterday! 

    Note to self- Never let a new hairdresser cut my hair before a big event!

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    Definitely book another hair trial - they can definitely make it look like you've got a lot more hair than you do - with bun rings and the such like! Alternative might be extensions?


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    Try and not panic - it's amazing what hairdressers can do to make it look like you've got much thicker/longer hair.

    Perhaps she could even use clip in extension with your hair to give you the length needed so that you can still have that same style you agreed on at hair trial.

    E x

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    Aww I also have long hair and hate it when they take too much off. I am worried about this as well as I don't have a "regular" hairdresser and have a different one each time and therefore a different cut each time! 

    Are you have your hair all up, all down of half and half? If all up then I shouldn't see it making any visual difference. If one of the other options then yeah it will look different but as above, maybe you could try an extension clip? 

    Definitely call your hair stylist for the wedding and see what she says on the phone. 

  • It's such a pain, especially because I'd spent the last 2years growing it out for the wedding. I've decided to have my hair up, I'm hoping it won't show so much. I'm not very keen on extensions, never even tried them before. I will talk to my stylist and hear what she says, luckily I trust she will do a great job! 

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    I'm so sorry Delphine.  I had a similar situation before my legal wedding a year and a half ago, except the hairdresser gave me a chemical haircut accidentally and burned off 6 inches of my hair!! I had planned to wear it down in relaxed curls, so that was out. I ended up wearing it up to disguise the damage and "missing" length.  If you plan to wear it up, the good news is, that it is MUCH easier to hide the missing length.

    I would go online and get some more photo inspiration for updos that you like, maybe those with a little less OTT volume, which will be more realistic for what you can achieve. (I swear, they use Ariel the Little Mermaid with thousands of grams of hair for some of those hair models.)  Also take your original hair inspiration photos, because as many of the ladies already said, all is not lost.  With good products, foam hair buns, etc., it's amazing what a good stylist can do (but it doesn't hurt to bring along photos of plan B).  Although I would be seriously peeved, I really and sincerely say that I think it will be all right. Updos can hide all sorts of things hun.

    I would definitely have a word with the stylist that did this to you tho.  I never did, and a year and a half later, it STILL bothers me...

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