False nails etc

I am a little confused by the difference in all the nail types such as gel, tips, overlays etc. Can anyone explain?

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    I am a beauty therapist, most false nails will need to be what we call blended onto your natural nail, which basically means a false nail stuck on with glue then the join filed and buffed till smooth and it looks like your own nail, this on its own would only last days if that so thats why you have an overlay on the top to keep them strong and lasting. There 3 main types:

    1.Gel, a thin layer is applied and then cured under a uv light, this is flexable, good for most nail types but in my opinion the least natural looking;but can be painted.

    2.Acrylic, this is a powder that is mixed with a liquid to form a sort of paste. A good tecnician will do white on the tip, sculpting a curve and then pink on the lower half. This drys very strong but can get a shattered look if you bang or type alot on YAYW! How ever if done well is the most popular and natural looking; also the best for people who have bitten there nails to the quick as can be sculpted

    3.Fibreglass, this is a fibreglass mesh that is then covered with glue and dried then repeated upto 4 times, white frech tips can be used and look great also they dont need blending so are not as harsh on the nails (unfortunatly some technicians can go mad with the file and blend!). they are flexible so great for typing, thin and natural looking but the dont wear as well i.e sun and water.

    With all false nails "treat them like jewels not tools" dont soak them, bite them etc and they should last you 2 weeks. If I'm honest I wouldnt recommened them for hot countrys as they can sort of melt or ping off with heat, swimming and sun creams. I love them for home but for my honeymoon I am having a french gel overlay on my natural nail from biosculpt which I think are fab. I then wont be worrying about them. If you havnt had them done but want them for your honeymoon i would have them done at least 2 times before to have them looking gret and so your used to then, I got stuck on a train till the next stop the 1st time as I couldnt press the button, I soon discovered to use my knuckle!!! Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, I have only bitten my nails 3 times, 2x just before having my boys and the last about 3 weeks ago when my new kitchen went wrong. I am trying to grow them again but wanted to have a back up plan. I am not going on honeymoon but may want to have the odd bath or shower. I suppose I should go for a practice 1st. image

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  • Bridey,

    What would u recommend for a B2B who generally has good nails but can break easily at times?

    Also what do u recommend for someone who is getting married in a hot & humid country who will be going into sea/pool whilst there?
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    I would say Acrylic as they are hard wearing and the "best" at fairing the weather. Look at the nails in America espcially black ladys they are fab (although I couldnt cope)and all acrylic and its hot all over there. Have a go 1st though, then you will know how long they will last on your nails, look like and feel. Try to get your nails in the best condition poss before hand it sound stupid as the tech will probably cut them anyway but its to their speck and what will work. It so horrible when someone sits down and they have no nails! I know thats the point for alot of people but it looks much better on healthy nails. When in the pool unless swimming dont soak them, for example if you were in the bath try to rest your hands on the side so they dont sit in the water.
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    Ha Ha bridey, couldn't you have pulled the emergency cord so they could let you off the train image, thanks for the info, I've got nails just about, can't really have them in my job as a nurse, with all the hand washing they're not very strong so flake, split and just break off so I don't really bother with them too much, just nail clippers and the occaisional file.
  • I too am not able to try them out first as also a nurse therefore would be getting them done for 1st time couple days before go abroad (go in 6 weeks time). Would it be ok to have them done only couple days before going? I really want to have nice looking nails for my wedding day but dont just want french manicure as from past experience this only lasts few days before its chipped and flaky so have to take it off (i'm no good at doing them on myself!) & i know for a fact there is no where to have them re-done where i'm getting married (been there before). Can you please advise further. Thanks very much
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    Of course there is no problem having them done the day before (majority do just this), I just meant if you can have a trial 1st then you are used to doing things like....getting off the train! Also your nail underneath is in better condition not snapped bitten etc. Obviously if because of your job you cant then i would reccomend not having them too long just so they look smart and tidy; they last much better. Never have more tip than the pink bit if that makes sense? If you do this then you put massive strain on your natural nail under neath and if you snap it you run the risk of snapping your natural nail ouch!!!

    I know nurse's have to scrub your hands so much these days and the alcoholwash drys nails and skin out no end. Just moisturise moisturise and moisturise when every you can, I love the expensive brands but my fav is the pink vaseline hand cream. You hands and nails are made of the same protein so treat them the same and you should have better looking hands and nails. As I metioned I am having a french gel overlay, this goes on your natural nail looks like a french polish and lasts upto 3 weeks; you do have to have some nail though. Try google biosculpt gel or calgel for more info.
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