Makeup - foundation help!!!

So I am doing my own makeup for my wedding in September. I wanted to do it because I wanted to learn more about makeup, maybe take a course and get some lovely new products.

I have always struggled with foundation and have yet to find my 'holy grail' product so I am on a MISSION.

My skin is oily and acne prone. It is not super super oily but enough to need a blot or two throughout the day and to need a setting powder.

I have read review after review and watched so many YouTube videos but can't decide what to try! Everytime I think I have found something that looks amazing, it has SPF in it and is not great for photos.

I'm hoping that you lovely ladies have some advice and some foundations you can recommend! I want a medium coverage as I do have a bit of redness and something that will mattify somewhat to last all day and night with minimal blotting. I will be using a primer and a powder.

Please help!! Any ideas? Xx


  • Curl88Curl88 Posts: 70

    I think you need to go with a product without the SPF in all  honesty as those are the ones that can cause flashback in photos and also tend to generate more oil. 

    i've heard really good things about Make Up Forever's Ultra HD foundation. May be worth popping into Debenhams for a trail (and a sample if you're lucky!) 

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    I swear by bobi brown! They give you a wedding consultation for an hour for free and they don't pressure to buy :) 

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    I'm not a foundation wearer myself because, like you, I have "skin issues" (spots!)  But I would be happy to share what I do wear.

    I just discovered, with the help of this forum actually, an amazing product by Vichy. It's their mattifier. It has salicylic acid in it, which is an anti-inflammatory product, which is good for acne-prone skin. It also has great ingredients in it which really do keep oil at bay. I put it on first and the rest of my make-up looks AMAZING and lasts longer. I don't wear foundation, but I swear my blush, concealer, etc., look better and last longer. I wear it everyday now and wouldn't go without it.

    I use a concealer with salicylic acid in it as well to dab onto any spots and onto any scars or redness. I am a complete believer in a "heal as you conceal" approach. I use the Almay brand, but I'm not sure if you can get that in the UK. Concealer is so heavily pigmented that it works great to cover that little redness around my nose, on my chin, etc., so that I don't have to wear a foundation once I set all of this with powder.

    So after my Vichy Mattifier and my concealer, I set everything with either a pressed or loose powder. Again, I use Almay's blemish formula pressed powder, which contains the salicylic acid. I have been experimenting with non-salicylic powder formulas including Coty Airspun and some silica loose powders on days my skin isn't as terrible (which is rare though).  DON'T use a silica powder though on your big day - it shows up white in photos. (Think Angelina Jolie at the red carpet event where it looked like someone threw baby powder on her face.)  And yes, Curl88 is correct; do NOT any products with SPF on the big day. They can give a whiteish cast to your skin in photos. Not to mention, SPF unfortunately is one of the biggest offenders in clogging pores and causing breakouts.

    My combination of mattifier, concealer, and powder over the top makes my skin look airbrushed I swear to you, and the best part is that I'm not gunking up my pores with foundation.  I'm sorry, my skin just really, really hates foundation. I've been married twice before and I didn't wear it either time and I'm not going to start now ;)

  • I also have oily skin 😩 Estée Lauder double wear foundation is definitely my holy grail! Lasts forever as you only need a drop! Xx

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    Hello, I work for Boots head office so get boat loads of products to try all the time (although its nothing to do with my job). I should probably advocate no7 and I think their matching service is great, however after using Clinique for years I jumped ship about 6 months ago and changed to Estee lauder for my long wear foundation. I use the "light" version of double wear and find its great with a sweep of powder. I would recommend you go on a few trips to your local department store or Boots and give some of them a trial. As well as estee lauder, Id recommend Bare minerals, Armani, charlotte Tilbury (which is meant to be absolutely amazing) and chanel. All good counters should give you some to take away and try. Don't feel pressured to buy - that's not what they should do. Id avoid a Saturday if you can. I too have oily skin and find I need a bit of loose powder to set my make up, I also use Touch Éclat and if on a big night a primer.

    Enjoy xx


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    Thankyou so much ladies for sharing your wisdom! I am definitely going to go and try to get some samples of the products you have all suggested - really appreciate it!

    It was the Estee lauder foundation that I had heard such good things about but then I heard that it flashes back in photographs :( is the light version the same? What is its coverage like?

    Thanks again xx

  • MrsMest2014MrsMest2014 Posts: 251 New bride

    I had the double-wear light for my wedding day as I was advised that this wouldn't interfere with the flash on the photographs. Definitely use a primer underneath to make it last longer. I've only ever tried smashbox primers, but they were great for me and you can normally get a decent sized sample from the counter. They make them for various different skin types.

    I also got a bare minerals sample foundation that I applied over the top which helped with the staying power I think. Most importantly - get a setting spray. I'm a huge fan of urban decay all nighter. On the wedding day I also used a tiny bit of hairspray (I don't do this often as it can cause spots a few days later, but I figured that it was worth it for my wedding day). My make up stayed put from 10am - 1am save for a little blotting around 19:30 and an slight eye-shadow change for the evening.

    I went to so many counters and managed to avoid the pressure selling - I have combination skin as well as roseacea which I always explain first and then say I'd like to see how the products last the day out. I did warn a friend of mine not to get swept away when she went for her bobbi brown wedding makeover - she didn't listen and ended up £300 lighter that day.


  • Hey, give Hourglass Immaculate a go. Amazing for super oily skin. xx

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    I know it pretty late to reply on this topic searching of right makeup foundation never end, Checkout the list of best makeup foundation in 2018:

  • Smashbox primer is fab (the clear one) followed by estee Lauder double wear liqud foundation xx

  • MrsS2019MrsS2019 Posts: 137 New bride

    Estee lauder double wear and smash box photo finish primer are the ones I’ve found that work the best. I’ve have oily acne prone skin and this covers it all and stays put. I always set my foundation after applying it, I then don’t have to powder again for at least 8 hours

  • I’d highly recommend a Bridal Makeup Lesson on a Bobbi Brown counter. Bobbi do brides The Show every year and are the perfect makeup brand for bridal. They will find everything that suits you and the lesson is for 1 full hour. Ask for an advanced artist or bridal specialist. Xx

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