recommended hair dresser in Stamford/Peterborough?

can anyone recommend any hair dressers in Stamford Peterborough area, ideally that can come to the venue and that isn't too expensive!


  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266

    Hi Amy, I am from Wisbech so that's a little further out than you wanted. 

    i would get checking out websites of local salons and even Facebook to as you have a lot of mobile hair dressers work that way. 

    not much help but I wanted to try and help a local girl. Where are you getting married? Xx 

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    Hello, I am getting married in Stamford, at The William Cecil. it's quite hard to know whos any good! Found a salon in Stamford called the changing room which ive heard is good.


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    Ahh it's a beautiful venue. Do you have your dress? I saw on Facebook a bridal store in Stamford is having a closing down sale? Let me know if you would like the details. 

    I haven't heard of that salon but I'm not that close to Stamford myself. Best thing you can do is book a trial and see if you like what they do xx

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  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266

    Can't see it that well sorry X 

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