Help!! Spots!! 6 days to go


I get married on Saturday!!! :))) but for some reason I have had a break out of spots on my face! :( I have been drinking lots of water anyway which I know is good for the skin but can anyone give me some quick fixes... please???

Thank you 


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    Hi Charlotte,

    Oh no! That is my worst nightmare :( Get some Sudocrem on them! They won't disappear immediately, but it stops the swelling and they should go after a day or two. Definitely don't squeeze them!

    Try not to stress - that can cause break outs, although I can imagine that's very hard to do at this stage - and don't change your skin care routine because of it.

    Don't worry! I'm sure you will be beautiful come Saturday :) x

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    On my first wedding in the 90s, I woke up to a huge spot on my chin. It is apparently very common because of the stress..... I also got my period in the late evening when it wasn't even due! I think your body reacts to stress sometimes - even when it's a happy stress!

    Best thing you can do is get some neutrogena spot cream it works miracles and keep drinking plenty. If you can go no make up around the spots too to help them have a chance of healing.

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    Spots are my greatest nemesis! I've had varying degrees of outbreaks over the years. A couple of things you could try, Cane and Austin pads, they are pricey but if you are only affected on one area, you can cut them in half. You should do a small test first as they contain glycolic and salycilic acid which some people can react to. You can get them at SPace Nk and they take the redness and inflammation down almost instantly. I love them!!

    DIY home effort which is a bit messy but fairly reliable in my experience is Manuka honey, leave it on as a mask for about 15-20 (with plenty of tissue to hand!). Manuka is antibacterial so should take the redness right down. 

    Everyones skin is different though, so make sure you're Not over-washing as that will just dry it out and make it harder to use concealer etc. 

    But try not to stress (I know it's really hard) you will look beautiful on your big day with the wedding glow not matter what!!

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    As a long time spot-sufferer, I'd be happy to share my tips and tricks:

    There are a few different approaches you can take, such as anti-inflammatory or drying.

    Products containing salicylic acid have anti-inflammatory characteristics. That means the product may reduce redness and swelling...but it's not going to heal the bump.  You might want to try a face wash containing this, as a starter.

    Products containing ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide will dry up (eliminate!) acne spots. I typically use a spot treatment containing BP, 10% from my derm.  (I also have a sulphur-based spot treatment called Acnomel, which honestly works even better than anything I've ever got from my derm, but I don't know if you can get ahold of that. I put it on in a layer, let it dry, put on a second layer, let it dry, and sleep with it on overnight. Any spots are nearly gone by morning!)

    Most often, I use a facial wash/ scrub also containing the BP. Mine is from Clean n Clear (purple tube).

    Clay masks can also have a great "drawing" effect on problem skin, pulling out toxins and tightening skin.

    If you aren't allergic, I have also had some pretty good luck with a DIY aspirin mask (5-6 non-enteric coated aspirin dissolved in a few drops of hot water, a couple drops of tea tree oil, and a small dot of organic honey). I put it on my face as a gritty mask, let it sit for about 20 minutes, and then massage it in like a scrub before rinsing. It does seem to both calm and dry up break-outs.

    That brings me to the exfoliation part. I do both manual and chemical exfoliation - both help clean out pores and encourage skin cell turnover. Dead skin cells then don't build up and end up clogging pores. I use my BP cleanser, which has granules in it, daily. I also use a generic Clarisonic occasionally.  I ALWAYS do an acid peel once a week: I'm currently using a 40% Mandelic acid (I started at 25%), left on for about 4 minutes. This has dramatically improved my skin.

    I've had spots since I was 9-10 years was so embarrassing in school because no one else did at that age.  Over the (almost 30!) years, these are the best tips I can offer you.

    If all else fails, a good make-up job and a good photographer can make your skin look flawless. There was a bride on here that did a report a while back that had a large, stress-induced break-out on her chin on her wedding day: with proper make-up, you would never have known it. Do you think all those supermodels have great skin?  Think again. It's just good make-up and good photography. So don't worry! Do what you can and don't stress yourself more :)

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    Kitten you are always so kind and helpful to everyone

  • TheLegacyofMrsMTheLegacyofMrsM Posts: 2,187 New bride

    Jump on a sun bed? I had a backne break out on the run up to my wedding (that's back acne... How grim?) despite never having had problems with this before in 30 years, but knowing my skin I knew it responded well to sun and sunbeds so jumped on a couple of times.

    Ultimately you know your skin and what works for you, it might be worth an email to your make up artist though? I text mine about back cover up just so I didn't have to stress anymore about it. I also developed cystitis for the first time 5 days before my wedding which stressed me out no end (I accused my husband of breaking my vagina.... Always a happy conversation to have the week of your wedding!) but everything was fine on the day. It is just a small blip, it will work out fine :)

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    You are too sweet rainbooboo, thank you.

    Anything I can offer to help the ladies here...I always want to offer. 

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