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I was wondering whether anyone has any experience with Mac foundation? I went to the counter today and they made me over with pro longwear waterproof nourishing foundation. I ended up buying it but it hasn't really lasted as long I thought it would and I'm thinking of returning what I bought but not sure what else to buy! I'm seriously running out of time now as we leave for the wedding in 10 days!

I also bought urban decay setting spray which I have heard good things about.

does anyone have any advice on foundations? I have combination skin and make up doesn't last that long on me, it just slides off! I'm getting married in a warm country too which doesn't help!


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    I use Estee Lauder double wear, its a stay in place foundation. Some people find it a little thick but i absolutely swear by it, and as long as you don't put too much on i think it could work well. 

    I wear it all the time and with a good primer on underneath it stays on all day with no problems x

  • I use benefit primer and I've bought clinique even better foundation.  I tried it all out recently,  and with the urban decay all nighter setting spray it lasted a good 12 hours without any problem. 

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    I'm getting married abroad too and either going for Estée Lauder or Liz Earle foundation. i didn't like the mac foundation either. I'm planning on getting the urban decay setting spray too since everyone raves about it on here! One question regarding the setting spray-does it work well to set eyeshadow or is it just really for foundation setting?

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    I usually use estee lauder double wear light which lasts quite a long time on my combination skin. I also bought Mac studio fix which is quite good too. Not sure which one I will use yet and wedding is on Saturday! Might just stick with what I know...estee Lauder!

    I too have bought the urban decay setting spray after reading about it on here.

    I tried Bobbi Brown and it looked nice but only lasted a couple of hours. Also bought make up forever HD but the colour is wrong for me. 

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    Thanks for all your replies. I have tried the Estée Lauder double wear light but I found it way too heavy for me and I didn't get on with it at all. I also tried one from Clinique and smashbox. I think I might be a bit fussy!!

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    I swear by the estee lauder double wear too. It is heavy and lots of people don't like it but it suits my skin so it's what I'm using for my wedding abroad. 

    I've tried a few samples the last few months as I've been told about the flashback from the camera in double wear due to the spf. None of samples have compared to the double wear and how well it lasts of my skin.

    I would say that with your wedding being so close stick to what you know and try to set it with other products like primer, powder and setting spray. 

    I've recently tried the smasbox photo finish primer which I'm really impressed with it having not really seen the benefits of any other primer before. I bought 2 sample sachets off ebay for 90p to try it before splashing out on the full size! 

    I have the urban decay setting spray and I do spray it on my eye shadow but I would definitely recommend the urban decay primer potion for eyeshadow it really makes a difference in how long eyeshadow lasts! 

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    nars luminous and weightless foundation is what i have chosen for my wedding abroad

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    I think primer is v. Important if you have oily skin or skin where make up tends to slide off, MAC do a nice primer (literally every brand does a Primer now). I also think tools are important, I'd suggest getting a beauty blender or foundation brush (I have one by Tarte which I love) as that always makes my make up look flawless and last longer too.

    Good luck! 


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    Oh and I also agree with Sara the UD setting spray is fab and also really refreshing if youre getting married abroad!


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    Thanks for all your fab advice, I think I will try my usual Rimmel foundation with the settin spray today and see how I get on, maybe ive been overthinking it in thinking I NEED to have a new foundation for the wedding. Will see how I get on with the settin spray and decide from there. 

    also I thought the Mac foundation had slid off but there was loads left on my skin when I took my makeup off last night, it just wasn't as thick! 

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    I'm not a fan of double wear. My holy grail foundation is either Mac Studio Fix or Clarins Extra Comfort. Why don't you ask for samples at your local counters before you commit to a purchase? Xx

  • I'm really confused about foundation. I bought YSL blur primer and touche eclat foundation and they look good but don't last as long as I'd like. 

    I'm also very confused about the whole no spf/light reflective thing. I know you are not supposed to use a foundation with SPF in as it reflects flash photography which will cause 'ghost face' in photos - not a good look. However, the YSL makeup lady said that a low SPF is fine. 

    I've also been reading that silicon based primers are not good to mix with water based foundations - as oil doesn't mix with water, so it will slide right off - but the YSL primer is silicon and the YSL foundation is water based. The YSL lady never mentioned this when I bought them. Argh!! 

    Does anyone know anything about that?

  • Hey ladies! I work with an amazing company called Younique who sell one of the most beautiful foundations I've ever tried! Long lasting, Goes on liquid but dries to a soft matte powdery finish. Paired with the Primer it lasts all day. None of the products (or ingredients used) have been tested on animals so it is 100% cruelty free. Hypoallergenic and mineral based :) 

    I would also suggest exfoliating your face the day before to get rid of all the dead skin cells for a better coverage. 

     I hope you find one that is right for you and that you enjoy your special day! 

    Good Luck! 

    Love Kim xxxx

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