Remington Straighteners

Hey brides!


Has anyone tried these Remington Straighteners ?


Not sure if its worth forking out the extra for GHD or not?




Jamie x


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,536 New bride

    Not tried the Remmington ones but I would always pay the extra for GHDs. Still the original and best! I've never visted a hair salon where they use anything except GHDs- so apart from my own experience that says to me they are still the best. Plus they just bought out this really pretty collection of shimmery blue and green ones... I want some even though my current pair are still going strong lol.

    Just make sure you get GHDs from a proper seller- the GHD site or somewhere like John Lewis- my sister bought some off ebay that looked totally legit (and weren't even super cheap), but when she tried to register them they were fake.

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