Disastrous hair and make up trial!

So.... I just had my hair and make up trial, organised with a leading bridal hair and make up company.

The artist was absolutely lovely, such a lovely lady but sadly I was really upset and disappointed with the end result. 

I gave her very clear instructions on my likes and dislikes and I showed lots of photos of what I wanted. Unfortunately she absolutely caked me in make up and I had to ask her to re-do things several times and still wasn't happy. I had said several times being caked was my number one dislike! I even showed her photos of how I normally look and pointed out that I wanted a really natural look.

The hair looked totally different to all the photos I showed her, it looked completely different and really bouffant. I tried to communicate what I wasn't keen on but  struggling.

 She then put quite a lot of pressure on me to book her for the wedding day. She actually said I need to make a decision today otherwise she wouldn't keep the date for me. She could see I was completely overwhelmed and not very happy with the end product but made it clear that she couldn't stay any longer to tweak bits. I asked about booking a second trial with her because I felt that things were not hundred percent and as this is my wedding day I really want to be happy and look like myself but just a bit more polished. She said I could but it was cost another hundred pounds and I might still be unsure at the end of that. so I've decided not to book with her. After she left I was felt really upset and cried. The trial cost a lot of money and I had lots of examples of what I wanted so I don't see how it could have ended up so wrong.


My question is.... I'm seriously tempted to do my own make up. I spend quite a lot of money on make up and enjoy doing it, in fact my every day look to me looked so much nicer than what she just did. Are there any other brides out there who have done their own make up? I never thought I would have to do this and I really thought that I would love what the make up artist did but sadly I didn't so I now have to consider this option. What do people think? Bad or good idea? Anyone else do this?  


  • MrsCallowMrsCallow Posts: 348

    Hiya :)

    So sorry to hear that you are unhappy. It sounds like she didn´t really listen to you at all.

    I am doing my own make up and having my hair done on my wedding day. I love make up and doing it myself and i will feel much more comfortable this way. If you did want want your make up professionally done, maybe see if anyone has any recommendations for your area? Sometimes the more skilled MUA and hairdressers work for them selves x

  • SparkystarSparkystar Posts: 158

    I did myosin makeup for the wedding it was really nice :) I could do things at my own pace and put my products on in a way that I wanted them to be.

    its not for everyone but it was for me :) 

  • CE26CE26 Posts: 347 New bride

    I'm having my hair done, but I'm doing my own make up.

    I don't wear a lot anyway so I've invested in some primer and setting spray and I'm using the next few months to experiment. 

    If you weren't happy with her but you still would prefer someone else to do your make up then look around for other options. Don't feel pressured to book her. 


  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    I'm tempted to do my own make up as I want to look like me, rather than Barbie. I am going to my Future FIL wedding next February so will make a final decision then after experimenting with my make up. 

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    Oh no :( I'm so sorry to read you were left so upset. I must admit, I'd be more distressed by her putting you under pressure like that to book her. What an awkward situation!

    I have had my hair trial already and my make-up trial is at the weekend (but I know both the girls which makes it a little easier!). My first hair trial didn't go to plan at all which definitely knocked me somewhat so I can sympathise 100% with how you feel. After some reflection though, I realised that I partly felt a little uncomfortable because I have never had my hair styled before (beyond a usual blow dry!). Also, my first hair trial didn't go to plan because of my hair type: I wanted very loose, wavy, beachy curls and my hairdresser curled my hair quite tightly so it would drop out. It didn't drop and stayed right in place because my hair is naturally curly (it's not a good look for me!), not because my hairdresser can't do her job! I've ended up going with a completely different style which works much better for me.

    Long story short, try not to get too upset about it. Trials do go wrong sometimes. They are an opportunity for you and the stylist to decide what works and what doesn't (even if you didn't anticipate it going wrong). Similarly, it's a chance for you to find out if the stylist understands your vision, which clearly she didn't.

    Bobbi Brown does free bridal make-up tutorials. If you can get yourself down to a department store and book an appointment, they'll be able to do your make-up and show you the products. Some girls who work on make-up counters also do freelance work so you could end up finding someone else who can do your make-up on the day. Don't give up so easily though - if you want someone to do your hair and make-up, keep looking. Ask for local recommendations or friends/family if they know someone. That's how I found my MUA. Remember that Kate Mids did her make-up and if she felt more comfortable doing it with the world watching her, it certainly is okay for you to do it! x

  • TheLegacyofMrsMTheLegacyofMrsM Posts: 2,187 New bride

    If you enjoy make up and are skilled at doing your own, I say go for it. My MUA loved make up, to the point where she spent her evening on Pinterest finding looks she liked and practising on herself. The pic I showed her she had already practised and even brought her own make up in from home to get the eye colour perfect. I would play around and try it, if you have the time there is nothing to lose? I'd also recommend false eye lashes, I know they're not for everyone but they add that extra glamour to the look

  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266

    I do make up for a living and wanted to feel pampered on my wedding day so I did have a make up artist. I had airbrush make up which is lovely it feels like you have nothing on your skin. It lasted all day long too. I think the brand was Air Base xx 

  • MrsB to beMrsB to be Posts: 78

    It sound very professional to pressure you to boom that day.

    I'm doing my own because I wanted to keep costs down and I'm getting married in Scotland so could book trials etc. Every time one I put my make up on I see it as a trial and try to remember what works well and is longer lasting.



  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    I did my own make-up twice for weddings. I refuse to wear foundation, just a little concealer and powder, and MUA are really big into products (i.e. primers, foundation, moisturizer, etc.) My skin breaks out from all of that studd, regardless of the formula, and I don't see the need for all of those layers of chemicals anyway. I thought my make-up looked fabulous both times, and I did my own lashes as well. I will be doing my own make-up for my little sister's wedding this summer too. I love working with make-up, watching tutorials, and trying new products, so there's no reason not to do my own.

    My middle sister is also doing our hair. I'm rubbish at hair, but that's her thing. She's quite good at it and also did mine for my first wedding.

    It's no different than making your own invites or filling your own vases with flowers. If you have a skill of your own that you'd like to utilize, why not use it?  There's no rule that you have to hire someone for any wedding-related service.


  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    I'm sorry to hear your trial was so horrible, you definitely made the right decision to not book her! I think it's so unprofessional to not rearrange another for free or attempt to make you feel better. 

    When I was a bridesmaid for my cousin I was orange! We had a test run and she loved the bronzer, I told her I felt it was too much and then also to tone it down on the day but I am pale and was still the wrong colour. As it wasn't my day I just rubbed it off a bit and didnt say anything, but if that was my own wedding I wouldn't have booked based on the trial! I feel if it's not right it's not going to be right on the day! 

    I may do my own make up on the day. I'm really not sure, but I think more brides do their own make up than hair. I think it's harder to find a good make up artist than hairdresser as make up is very personal and people have set ideas on how make up should be applied and how much. I think I will invest my money in quality products that will last the day and do it myself if I can't find anyone I like! 

     My hairdresser has come to my house for years and I trust her to give me something I like. I think it helps to check with the hairdresser that your requirements suit your hair type as Lubes said things sometimes don't work because of your hair. would you have any friends that you could ask for hair recommendations? 

  • So sorry to hear you had to go through that. So glad you didn't book with her in the end. Try and see it as a positive experience - now you won't have her stressing you out on your wedding day :)

    A similar thing happened to my cousin. She said from the start she wanted light make-up - English Rose style - and the woman doing the trial caked her face in a tanned foundation (my cousin is very fair so it looked like fake tan), did huge smoky black eyes and then finished it off with a bright red lipstick.

    My cousin was so annoyed as she couldn't have been clearer about what she wanted. I think some MUAs just think they always know best.

  • Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. She sounds really unprofessional to put such pressure on you to book. Trust your instincts and do your own. Like other girls, I am doing my own. I have a good version collection and love watching YouTube tutorials, there are some fab wedding make up tutorials on there.

    Good luck xx


  • marysiamarysia Posts: 18

    ahhh bless you! Don't be sad.......i am (like lots of the girls here) doing my own makeup and as has already be pointed out the Duchess of Cambridge did hers. 

    I actually think Hair and makeup are two quite different things. Most brides want their hair to look different and very much "done" on the day. But makeup - well most of use seem to want to look like ourselves but maybe just a tiny bit better than usual. I know that's what i want for sure.

    I had two hair trials as although i walked away fairly happy after the first one, when i looked back at the pictures we had taken it wasn't what i wanted. But actually that was down to me....I hadn't really decided what i wanted and had sent my stylist loads of pics but they were all different! So the first trial showed me what i didn't want and i managed to then refine my list of wants. I went back for a second go and she got it spot on :)

    As others have pointed out there are literally hundreds of make up tutorials on youtube. My only advise there would be to pick one where the model had similar colouring to you. I am very blonde and although I often lust after the heavy smokey eyes look and red lipstick i know (from years of trying) that it just doesn't work on my colouring.

    So why not take a look at some of the tutorials and treat yourself to some new makeup so it feels a bit more special (but definitely play around with different looks too).

    And hair - have a think about whether you were absolutely clear or if (like me) you just showed her loads of pics you liked but that had theme and were all different.

    Definitely DON'T be bullied into booking someone you are unhappy with. My hairdresser has included the trials in the price, no matter how many we have, because she wants to ensure i am happy on the day.

    Good luck!



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