London - How much is normal to pay?!

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looking into London hair and make up for wedding, I'm shocked to see some of the prices! london brides what are you paying and do you recommend anyone? 


  • Somebody please reply to this! Ha.

    I don't know where to start. Any luck Hails?

  • Michelle91Michelle91 Posts: 244

    Hello ladies 

    i am paying £50 for bridesmaid and £250 for myself and that's for hair and make up. Was one of the more reasonable quotes I found.

    i get married in December and have my trial in September so not sure how it will turn out just yet.


  • Curl88Curl88 Posts: 70

    I've ended up paying £350 for hair and makeup combined, this is including clip in hair extensions that I get to keep.

    I had a trial with a lady who was £175 for both hair and makeup. I loved her price more than her though! She forgot she even had a trial booked in with me and then took a week or two to respond to anything I sent her after that...stress that can be done without on your big day!

    Depending on when your wedding is and where you're located, there are loads of more reasonable people around. I was just unfortunate as I've had an engagement of less than a year that there weren't many people left in my original budget!

  • Depends on the look you're going for but Lara from Kitty's Vintage did an amazing job on my hair yesterday. She came to me and cost £140 for the trial and on the day. I did my own make up as I don't wear loads.!bridal/c1yws

    I couldn't recommended Lara more highly. Lovely to chat to, creative and got me out a hole when my regular hairdresser let me down 3 weeks before my wedding 

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