Hair trial booked - surely 3 days before is too late?!

hi lovely people

My hairdresser has booked my hair trial 3 days before the big day, im *almost* sure i dont want extensions (my hair is only chin length bob, and doesnt look good away from my face), and so *almost sure* that I will just be having a straight forward blowdry but sleek at front and big at the back.

however im pretty sure just 3 days before WDay isnt normal.... is it?  anyone else in a similar situation?



  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,663 New bride

    Way too late in my opinion! Especially if you aren't sure of what you want. A fair few ladies on here end up having 2 or more trials as they want to try different looks, or they thought they knew what they wanted but weren't happy with it. I had a really bad make up trial, thankfully really far in advance so I could find another make up artist. If I had it 3 days before the wedding I would be so stressed out!

    The standard time for a trial is 2-3 months before the wedding.

  • Sophie177Sophie177 Posts: 190

    THanks Sammykate, i had a feeling that was teh case.  my hairdresser somehow seems to think its ok, but even i thought 3 days was cutting it fine.  highlights being done this weekend so will have a "discussion" with him about it!!!


  • loolah1loolah1 Posts: 396

    My wedding is in 4 weeks and I had my trial in May.... far too close to the wedding for you in my opinion. You need clarity of how you are going to look and if your accessories will go etc long before then if only for peace of mind in the final weeks.

  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 808 New bride

    I would be panicking if mine were only 3 days before! I am planning on having mine in the next 3 months and I don't get married until June next year. I just want the time and space to change my mind if I'm not happy following the trial. You're the one paying for this, make sure you are happy with the timings too xx

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    My hair stylist did mine 3 months before (I get married in 2 weeks and 4 days!!) but she also told me about a bride who had her trial the DAY BEFORE her wedding!!! I guess it depends on how confident you are with your chosen style and how confident you are in the skills of your hairdresser.

  • Tina20Tina20 Posts: 14

    I think the trials should be at least two months before.  If you're happy with everything, then brilliant, if not, you have time to find someone else.  Good luck! 

  • Jessica147Jessica147 Posts: 322

    I would also think it would be useful to time how long it takes and discuss on the day timings with your hairdresser. I just had my trial last weekend for my September wedding and we discussed timing on the day, I now know how long my hair will take, therefore when makeup needs to start, the timings for my bridesmaids to arrive etc. etc. 

    The other thing is hair accessories. Until you've 100% decided on a style it will be difficult to buy what you need in advance. When I tried my veil on with my hair, we decided that comb looked too plain with the hairstyle etc. I wouldn't have wanted to be trying to sort out my veil comb three days before the wedding.

    Talking to your hairdresser sounds like a good idea to me, and booking something ASAP will be a weight off your mind and another box ticked (or colour coded on your spreadsheet if you're as sad as me haha!!)


  • Sophie177Sophie177 Posts: 190

    thanks everyone! 

    I never like confrontation, and I think my current hairdresser (someone ive had to search for new for the wedding as my previous one left the industry ) might try to have a bit of a go.... he keeps trying to show me styles he's done before for other brides that are sooooo not me.  I'll have to be strong and stick to my guns

    I just want to look like me, but a bit nicer!!!



  • Rachael95Rachael95 Posts: 15

    I'm getting married abroad and my hair trial is two days before the big day. For me there isn't much i can do unless i want to pay for flights out there just to get my hair done in advance ha! But I'm sure they can try a few different styles on the trial day for you....just make sure you take control and don't let them do what THEY think will suit you...because its not about them hehe. Hope it goes well! x 

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