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Hi ladies,

Some of you may have noticed my "commitment," if you will, to responding to other ladies' questions on skincare, particular those with issues with spots. As a long-time sufferer of acne (that is now largely under control), I really feel for others who have this problem and always want to share anything I know that may help.  I recently have come across a situation that caused a flare-up with my skin, so I just wanted to share/ forewarn anyone else with similar circumstances.

I am (also) a long-time migraine sufferer (22 years worth, actually), and I recently saw an ad, I believe on Pinterest, for a migraine prevention supplement. The company appears to have done their research, and has formulated a supplement with vitamins and minerals that have been found to be lacking in many migraineurs' diets. Ever eager to prevent another migraine, I bought the tablets and have been taking them daily as directed. 

And my skin has now started to have spots again - boo!

In addition to the other ingredients, the formulation has ultra high levels of your daily allowances of certain B-vitamins (23,000% plus on one of them!) High levels of B-vitamins have been correlated to breakouts in some people.

I haven't noticed a decrease in the number of migraines I have yet, so I may give this another 30 days - but it's going in the bin after that if I'm still getting the same number of migraines - plus spots!

I just thought I would warn any other b2b's about adding any new supplements to their regimen before their wedding - you may not like the side effects! This goes for other supplements too, not just migraine ones. There was a thread on here quite some time ago by ladies trying some kind of sea kelp tablet that was supposed to help with hair growth - but ended up causing spots! 


  • Kim90Kim90 Posts: 183

    Hi kitten I suffer terribly with migraines, I wonder if yours are hormonal?

    just before my period I start a migraine and it lasts for 2-3 this time I am terribly ill. 

    Occasionally I get them slap gang in the middle of my cycle too...

    I have found nothing really rakes them away..

  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    Fellow migraine and spot-sufferer here!

    For what it's worth, whenever I feel one coming on (not all too often thankfully!), I take a couple of soluble solpadeine plus tablets - paracetamol, codeine, and caffeine - it's the only thing that works for me, but I need to take them religiously every 4 hours just to take the edge off!

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    Oh no - sea kelp causes spots?! I've started taking them as I heard it was good to boost fertility but I'll stop until after the wedding now. Eek! 

  • Hi ladies, I'm hoping I can maybe help. My skin is usually ok but I always get breakouts during my period. This week, a massive spot appeared on my chin, it looked more like a very swollen and red, painful lump. I popped into Boots and bought a cream by Freederm - it promised to reduce the size and redness of spots within 3 hours, without drying out the skin. I was sceptical but desperate so I bought it and it actually has worked for me! I've used it morning and night for 2 days and my spot has almost gone. After years of putting up with bad breakouts, I'm delighted and will always keep this in my handbag for emergency spots! It was only £5ish as well so worth a try xxx

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    My migraines used to be worse when I had periods. I had major surgery a year ago though, and no longer have the "applicable organs."  This means I cannot have children - and I still get migraines! Ah yes, the joys of being a woman...

    I do have a nasty prescription that I take when I get them - have to take two doses to get it to work.  I was just hoping to be able to have fewer migraines and be able to take the script less because this prescription is wicked stuff. But, so far the supplement has only caused spots and has not decreased the frequency of my migraines.

    EJS1982, yes, there is a thread on here -I caught bits of it in someone's old planning report - about the sea kelp tablets. Something in them was causing all of the ladies on them to develop spots. Perhaps they are also loaded up on the B-vitamins that can cause outbreaks. Unfortunately, this supplement isn't something I've ever seen here, so I cannot accurately comment. If you are looking for hair health without spots, I can personally recommend a combination of a low-dose iron tablet, flaxseed oil tablets, a basic women's multi-vitamin, and Omega fatty acid tablets. I had a massive hair stylist colouring disaster that burned off the majority of my hair two years ago. Using quality haircare products along with these supplements has grown my hair back - it's mid-way down my back now. I'm not sure if this is why you were trying the kelp, but if it was for hair, I've tried literally everything, and this regimen coupled with time is the only thing that really worked. (And none of it has caused me spots.)

    Scottishbride, I'm going to have a look for that cream. I absolutely SWEAR by Acnomel (it's a sulfur-based cream), if you can find it. I've been using it for 20+ years. It literally wipes the spots out overnight. The only downside honestly is that it is too strong to use as a preventative. I could really use a cream for my skin that I can wear as a preventative, all over, every night.

    I know this thread is probably a little bit odd, but I just wanted to draw b2b's attention towards their supplements. I would hate to think that a bride was taking something without knowing that she could be messing up her skin in the run-up. And a migraine supplement just seems so un-obvious!


  • Kim90Kim90 Posts: 183

    Luckily I do not really get spots..yes an occasional one and a few blackheads... Do religiously use a scrub on my face

  • Kim90Kim90 Posts: 183

    I have been using tesco hair and nail looks a bit fuller for the nails, well they were doing well until I went into the garden to demolish a wall put in sleepers etc! Ooooops


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