Make up help!

Hi there

I decided to get my hair done professionally but going to try and do make up myself.   a friend told me that Benefit do a bridal kit but couldnt see anything on their website.

does anyone know what they offer and if there are any other good make up brands who would let someone who doesnt do make up very well do a decent job?




  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    I don't know about Benefit, but Bobbi Brown counters will do a nice make-up walk-thru with you. They also have really good tutorial videos online. They keep the steps very simple and use a limited number of products.

    I would definitely consider doing it yourself if you are a "make-up kind of girl" like I am. I am rather obsessed with make-up, I buy tonnes of it to try, subscribe to blogs/vlogs, etc. If make-up really isn't your thing though, I would probably leave it to the pros on your wedding day. Your wedding day really isn't the day to show off an only recently learned skill. 

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