Hair and make up in York



Can anyone recommend a make up and hair person in York that is good but not too expensive? 


  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 584 New bride

    I used a hairdresser called Jade at Blush in Fulford. She was so lovely and did an amazing job- exactly what I asked for! Plus it staid put all day, even in wind and dancing the night away.

    I paid £20 for my trial at the salon then she did my hair and my bridesmaid's hair at the venue on the day (York Pavilion) for £70 and I tipped her another £20.

    I couldn't find a reasonably priced make up artist in the York area (prices were in the hundreds for me and 1 BM!!) so had a Bobbi Brown bridal makeover and did it myself, which I loved plus got to buy a ton of new makeup, guilt free :) It also helped that my BM is confident and good at doing her own makeup so I saved the money and didn't bother with a MUA at all.

    I had a trial with a makeup artist in York though and she was an AWFUL woman but I can't remember her name- grrr.

  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    I've got Alison Martin - it's £65 for the hair and make up trial and £135 for both on the day. Bridesmaids are £75 for both on the day or £45 for one of the services. 


  • SquirrelSquirrel Posts: 102

    I'm using Gel Bridal. She's based in Leeds but is mobile so can cover further afield. I'm getting married near York so she will probably be able to travel to your venue. I had my trial a few weeks ago and she was great with both my hair and my odd personality, haha.  It cost £55 for the hair trial and will be £65 on the day, BMs are £45 I think and make up is about £50 on the day but I might be remembering wrong as I'm just having my hair done.

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