Hair/Make Up Trial

Just looking for some general thoughts on hairstyles... I have my trial 3 weeks today (!) and I have no idea what styles I prefer! I cant even decide between fully up or not at the moment haha :)

I've spent ages growing my hair its nice to see the length a bit too... but needs to be something that either wont get messed up in the wind in case its blowy on the beach (where we are having the ceremony) or a 'loose/messy' style so if it does get a bit blown about it doesn't matter 

These are my current favourite selection. Any thoughts welcome :) What do you ladies prefer? 





  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,652 New bride

    The top middle one is the one I showed to my hairdresser and she's based my hairstyle on it. I love that style. What is your dress like as that will make a big difference in terms of hairstyles.

  • I haven't chosen my dress yet lol so not ideal but wanted to do it this way around as I need to get hair/MUA booked and darent do it until I've seen if I like their work so going all out and having trial early... might still change my mind after she said thats okay but this is to get an idea. Yeah i think I'm swaying towards that and the one next to it on the left... tempted to buy a cheap hair comb or vine off amazon for the trial as it makes the hairstyle lol hmmmmmm x

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