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I'm getting married at Newton Hall in Ovtber THIS YEAR! 


On a tight budget and looking for a resonably priced make up artist & hair dresser for me and my 4 bridesmaids willing to come to the venue.


Can anyone recommend some one please? 


Thank you x 


  • hi'a

    Did you manage to find anyone cheap.




  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    Sara are you looking for someone in the north east? I've been searching high and low so could share who ive found?x

  • Saz4Saz4 Posts: 1

    I am looking for hair dressers in Alnwick too. Any recommendations? 

  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    Hi, ive found a few people that are reasonably priced in our ares. 

    Ive gone with beautiful bride make overs northeast, the lady is lovely and spot on.

    Also in the price range is maxi million, Stephanie gayle and freya.



  • Hello,

    Im also getting married in the north east next year and struggling to find someone I like to do my hair and make up. I've sent emails to about 10+ people- lots of which havent replied ( over a week ago since I enquired...maybe I'm impatient) or are already booked over a year in advance. Ive had one quote for £200 for bridal hair and make up plus a trial which seems about the same price as lots of others but bridesmaids hair is £65 each!! Seems a lot as I only want a simple style. Also is it normal for them to need 50% of the money as a deposit? 

    Im not sure do, any advise?! Or recommendations? I'm panicking everyone is already booked up so I'll have to just pay more than I budgeted!! Thanks xx

  • RosieC18RosieC18 Posts: 158

    Kara Scott is a fantastic hair stylist!

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