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Hi all,

Less than 6 months to go!! Now thinking about hair style. I would really like to wear (artificial) flowers in my hair, maybe a thin white flower crown. I've looked on etsy but don't love any of them. Anyone got any recommendations? My hair will be loose or half up half down :)




  • Hello :)

    Is a fresh flower crown an option? Or will you be wearing it all day and night? You can't beat a beautifully hand-made flower crown. They would cost more than an artificial one but they look wonderful and you can have it totally personalised by your florist to look exactly as you would like it to.

    You could then have a hair change later in the day by just taking it off and then putting something pretty such as a comb or similar.

    Catherine x


  • I like the thin delicate ones that you are talking about - almost daisy-chain like.

    I went off the chunky ones after watching an episode of Girls where the bride's Mum told her she looked like a Starbucks cup!

  • Haha that's really funny, I see what you mean!

    Try searching for 'hair vine' as these are the ones that weave into your hair a little more and look more delicate. They don't have to go round your head either- they can just go at the back or however you choose to bend them.

    These might not be what you are looking for as they are jewels rather than flowers but it gives you an idea, plus another pic idea below: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LottieDaDesigns?ref=l2-shop-header-avatar&show_panel=true

    You could even make your own one out of dried flowers if you like being creative and crafty.

    In terms of good flowers to use then baby's breath aka. gypsophila works really well for weaving into your hair- you can create the effect of a crown by weaving tiny pieces without it actually being a round 'halo' or crown- not sure if that makes sense, hopefully it does! Baby's breath is cheap to buy so you could buy some and have a go. Tony white rose buds hold well and don't wilt either or you could buy little artificial daisies and do the same.

    Here are some pics of baby's breath/little flowers just woven in- you could also hold them with hair pins and spray them to help them stay fresh and in place:


  • Have you looked at Gypsy Rose Vintage on Etsy/Facebook? 

    I've ordered a flower crown for my MOH and a floral hair clip for myself - they should be delivered this week, I can't wait to see them! I paid £54 for the two inc postage. 

    The lady that makes them was so helpful. She didn't have anything I wanted in her Etsy shop so I emailed her and she's made us bespoke pieces. I just sent her some ideas and she sent through photos throughout the process to check it was what I was after. I'd definitely recommend! 

  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    Take a look at the artisan dried flower company- they have lots of really pretty delicate designs, with matching loose flowers on wire and hair clips if you wanted a bit more. I went for their festival full crown and loved it! The beauty of it being dried is I've been able to keep and frame it :) 


  • MC98 wow love the stuff on their website 

  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211
    Cluelessbridetobe wrote (see post):

    MC98 wow love the stuff on their website 

    Stunning aren't they! My husband and our dads had dried buttonholes to match my crown- they looked gorgeous all together! 

  • Hi all,

    thanks loads for te replies! It's definitely an artificial one I'm after, not real flowers. Ha, I know what you mean about the huge thick one!! Dcimitely a thin delicate one for me! :)

    Anyway you've given me plenty of food for thought so thanks for that :)

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    imageThe one on the left is made of tulle and other materials i dont plan to wear it but you could. The one on the right was my handfasting crown from last year you could buy fresh and watch it dry out you have plenty of time.  left one was £15, right one was fresh and £45. 


    Have fun choosing!


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    My mum Gloria Ferreira has some samples of her hair accessory designs online. Eg Crowns, hair vines, combs, headbands and clips. She specializes in artificial flowers in Organza,satin,laces and Crystals

    If you have a very particular idea, she can either create something custom and unique or incorporate any fabric of your preference into the design specially for you and your bridesmaids. Just have a look and let us know your thoughts :) 

    Made in Portugal but present in the UK

    Website: www.GloriaFerreiraDesign.etsy.com

    Instagram: @glofeflowers

    Many thanks,

    Melissa Ferreira

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