Help, Make up artist Tuscany needed!!

Hello I'm getting married in Tuscany in August this year and am struggling to find a makeup artist! Can anyone help out and recommend someone they know / have used before?  


  • PhoebeHPhoebeH Posts: 18

    Hi Katia4,

    I'm getting married in Chianti in June 2018 but have provisionally booked Adrienne Aereboe -

    I've not had a trial yet so can't speak from experience but the reviews look good and I follow them on instagram and facebook and they seem to do a really good job. They also don't seem too pricey in comparison to others.

    Let me know how you get on if you go with them! Good luck! x

  • Hi Katia,

    I highly recommend Anna Ushakova, she is great at both hair and make-up:

    I am personally really fussy about hair and make-up and therefore only professionally recommend someone to my clients who is up to my personal standards! I find Anna to be professional, punctual and she provides a fantastic end result- also as a wedding planner I don't accept commissions from MUAH either so she isn't paying me to say this haha!

    Hope that helps :)

    Catherine x 

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