Mobile Hairdresser or studio? Oh and is anyone doing their own make-up?

I have booked an appointment for the morning of my wedding for myself and daughter (only bridesmaid) but it suddenly occurred to me that I will also need my make-up done as well. So I am waiting to hear from a mobile hairdresser/make-up artist.

I am a tad worried about a mobile one because if she is ill or called away in an emergency there isn't anyone to cover for her. So I thought I would go with the salon and ask for a make-up tutorial because I have make-up and no clue how to use it. This would help because not only can I do my make-up on the big day I can also do it myself full-stop.

Is anyone doing their own make-up how confident do you feel? Where are you having your hair done?


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    I would talk to the mobile lady about what happens as a back up if she is unable to attend on the day. Even if they work just for themselves they often have a network where a backup can be provided if needed. I know that this is something my photographer provides in an emergency!

    I'm doing my own makeup as I couldn't find a MUA I was satisfied with who didn't charge the earth. I highly recommend going to Bobbi Brown for a bridal make up tutorial, which is free and lasts around an hour. You can also go to other make up counters for lessons and trials. It depends how much you want to spend on the make up, but there is no obligation to buy anything! I did spend around £200 on make up, which is what I was being asked to pay for a MUA. But this way I get the make up to wear again and again, and I also get to develop some new skills while I'm at it! I even learnt how to contour haha!

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    I have a plan. Which is always a good start.

    I went to The Body Shop today. They can arrange for me to come in and they will show me how to put my make-up on myself. Excellent. So I can practice over and over for the big day and don't have to pay anyone to do it.

    Hairdressers. I was quoted £55 for me and a whopping £60 for my daughter who has short hair and just wanted a wash, trim and blow-dry. Why this much because they have booked her in with a senior stylist. I said that is ridiculous. So we are going elsewhere. My daughters will be £30. Much better.

    And I picked up the rings today. Everything is starting to come together.


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