Hey All,

We are doing a short survey and would like to know how much a bride is expecting to pay for hair, makeup and beauty services.

We look forward to your response, please click the link below -


  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 850 New bride

    I've completed your survey Anika2, but found the options to answer quite restrictive, so just wanted to say that!

  • anika2anika2 Posts: 2

    Hello Wibble2017,


    Thank you for your feedback, do you think the survey would be better if clients could give open answers?

  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 850 New bride

    I would restrict the number of open answers (unless you have time to trawl through them all!) - but would leave some room for manoeuvre! So with question 1 - the price options start at £150. I am paying £55 for my hair and make up, but there is nowhere to put this answer. Could the ranges be broadened or perhaps use more than < and less than > signs instead?

    This is just an idea - I do a lot of Survey Monkeys as part of my job!

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