what is a good price for wedding make up?

im trying to find someone to do my make up on the day of the wedding as i want something that looks great and stays on all day.

I was quoted £200 from one girl and i thought this seems a bit excessive but im not sure having never looked before!


  • Hi Kirsty

    I had the same problem a few weeks ago and was amazed at the prices. I booked one company for a trial which was a disaster but the total for trial and hair/makeup on the day was £160.

    I then had a recommendation on here for Helen Bradley who has lots of experience and charges £75 for trial (hair & make-up) and £75.00 for the wedding day. She is currently working on Hollyoaks so she must be good.

    I think £200 is scandalous especially if it doesn't include hair. For just make-up I think between £40 + £50 is reasonable.

    Good luck!
  • hi kirsty

    I have also been looking for a makeup artist recently & have been shocked at how much they are charging. I was going to bite the bullet & book one of the expensive ones but if you look really hard you can find good makeup artists for a lot less (like £80 inc trial). Maybe you could try calling a local beauty salon & seeing if they offer wedding makeup? If they don't, I'm sure they would recommend a local makeup artist who isn't so expensive.

    I hope you find someone you're happy with & that it doesn't take too much hard work finding them! Sas
  • Hi Kirsty,

    Not sure where you're based but that does seem a bit high just for make up. I charge £85 including trial and I think I'm in line with a lot of the other make up artists that I know.

    Have a look on www.makeupadviceforum.co.uk and see if you can find one in your area advertised on there.

  • I'm paying £35 for my mum's neighbour to do it (she is a professional) I'm having my trial on monday then she has said when I get back from the hairdressers on the wedding morning just to pop round and she'll do me then.

    I was told by some other ladies on here that that is bout the right price, (I had no idea either).
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    I have got my make up for £100 that includes the trial, for me and on the day for me and five guests.

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    wow im glad i didnt go for £200!! i think i will look around a bit, we are based in surrey but the wedding is hampshire.

    I dont mind paying for hair and make up as i know its worth it but my budget seems to be getting larger and larger and i just cannot spend over £200 on hair and make up

    thanks for all your help girls xx
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    Hi Kirsty,

    in Hampshire/Surrey, I'd allow £100 for each, that will come to your £200 budget. seriously though, read my 'how to choose one' pages, you'll hopefully get a good makeup artist right first time, then you'll save a lot of money on not needing a few trials (which could wipe out half your budget on just finding the right person!)

    Sam x
  • Hi Hun

    I have just booked my make - up lady, i have decide to go for the wedding party special, which includes trail make -up before the wedding for the bride. wedding day make - up for the bride & plus on the wedding day you can have 5 other guest to have there make -up done too for £95.00 the whole lot.

    If you are in the liverpool area & are interested let me know & i will give you her details.

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    Mine is 200 but that is for me, my mum and 2 bridesmaids. 200 for just you is ridiculous!
  • i've bought make up , had a lesson and doing my own, spent alot on make up but get to keep it after and now know how to do simple stuff which looks quite complicated!
  • Local beauty salon is charging £16 each for make-up. Well worth the quick drive down the road (another lady wanted £75 to com to the house). They charge between £20 to £40 for hair as well. Bargain!
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    thanks girls i have found a girl that will do a trial for £40 and the real thing for £50 which seems quite good for around here.... just need to find someone to do my hair now!!!

    i honestly wish i new more people in this trade or had the skill myself!!!
  • I agree 200 sounds a lot but that's the quotes i've been getting for Glos area too... stuck as what to do... need to make some highly qualified friends me thinks.. might start hanging out around beauty counters!image
  • Any idea for anyone in London? I was quoted £280 plus £85 per bridesmaid for hair and make up (extra for a trial!!)


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    Hi there, Gosh people charge alot of money for there services! I feel soooo lucky that my ex sister in law is doing my hair and make-up, mum's, and bridesmaids x5 for free (her gift for me). Better than a set of tea spoons! lol
  • Chablis1957 - where is your lady based? I'm looking for someone near Rugby/Coventry....

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    Does anyone know of anyone in the Braintree area? Am getting married in November and don't know the area at all (my H2B liked the venue!!). Definitely need help with the hair, not sure about the make-up - all seems so expensive!
  • HI,

    I am also looking for something reasonable in London/ Surrey (Richmond). Got quoted £200 for hair/make up inc trial- only for me and just think that is OTT.

    Any recommendations would be welcome!!!
  • I just found someone, it all looked good, try LASH for London

    Heidi xx
  • Mine is costing £200 for me, mum and three bridesmaids and also includes all of us havng a trial beforehand

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    Hi All

    Just wanted to say that my make up is being done by Angie who is charging only £40.00 for two trials and the day! She is amazing and is also popping back on the evening to refresh me and BM! If any oneis interested pls e mail me for her number Lozi J x
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