Make up artist for dark skin in Gloucestershire

Hi all,

Less than 6 months to go and realising how much work there is to do! One thing I'm really struggling with is a make-up artist?

My partner and I are getting married in Gloucestershire in April and I'm looking for a make-up artist that is experienced with brides with dark skin (my family is from Jamaica). I can find London based make-up artists willing to travel but with travel costs, it really is more than I had in mind to pay.

There are lots of local artists but not any that I've found with experience with black skin.

Add to this the fact that I don't wear make-up (at all) on a day to day basis, so am really going for minimal foundation etc on the day, and I really don't want to pay £££ - but also don't want to attempt DIY-ing on the day?

Any suggestions?  If someone knows a suitable MUA in the area, please do let me know!


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