Face makeup - Liquid only or powder too?

Hello ladies,

I'm wanting to do my own makeup for the wedding, but not sure what to do about my foundation/face coverage.

I prefer the look (and feel) of my face with only liquid foundation/concealer, as I really like the "dewy" look and I feel caked when I wear powder on top as I don't usually wear a lot of makeup any more. However I know myself that after a couple of hours I get kind of shine overload when I used only liquid, and I've heard from others that makeup lasts sooooo much longer if you wear powder on top.

I've been practicing getting the "dewy" look that I like with the powders, so if I have to I'll just put up with the cakey feeling, but I was wondering if anyone else had only liquid face makeup (whether DIY or by MUA) on the day? How did it go? Could you share some photos? Or any tips on how to make it last/minimise shine?

Thank you in advance! x

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  • No advice as I’m not doing my own - but have you tried a setting spray? 

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    I did makeup for the bride and six bridesmaids at my best friends wedding in summer in Spain last year so staying power was pretty important!

    I’d say use a realllly light dusting over the whole face of something like Laura Mercier powder - it has a gorgeous texture and blends in flawlessly - and focus a tiny bit more on powdering your under eye concealer and t-xone. Just a big fluffy brush to lightly go over your oilier areas followed by a good amount of setting spray (I love Mac Fix plus) should keep you in tact, perhaps take a small compact or some blotting powder for touch ups later in the day. I sprayed once makeup was set then again a few mins before walking down the aisle just to freshen up (it had been a while and we were melting in a hot dressing room so you might not need the second spray!), our makeup stayed out all day. That was using an Illamasqua foundation base which is pretty heavy but it does stay incredibly well. 

    Rememver not to use any SPF or zinc based products to avoid flashback - there is a new Charlotte Tilbury coming out which looks amazing as a base, I also like Armani foundation for a sheer dewy coverage that you can build if needed. 

  • I'd be cautious on going for the "dewy" look on your wedding day - most of us end up looking "dewy" without trying on our wedding days. There was a bride on here about a year ago that did loads of research on products, then bought and experimented with them for a long while in the lead-up, in hopes of keep her make-up looking intact, un-oily, etc. In her pics, by the time it was "kiss the bride" time, she was as "dewy" as you could possibly want to be.  And that was with using all high-end products, including every single product you could ever think to wear (primer, foundation, concealer, setting spray, and so on).  She was happy with her pictures, but I wouldn't have been - for me, that would have been too shiny.

    For my skin, simpler has proved better. For a special event, I do primer only under my eyes, followed by concealer under the eyes and on any spots, then just a bit of foundation in areas I need it (like my nose and chin), followed by a light dusting of powder. The real key for me is using blotting papers throughout the day. They are my lifesaver. I look neither too dewy nor too matte if I use them every few hours. I'd also add that for my skin, I look FAR more oily if I use primer all over, foundation all over, or any kind of setting spray. It's like my skin stages a revolt and tries to push it out of my pores - thereby looking oilier.

    The only way you'll know what works best for you is to practice. Wear the products you think you want to use on your wedding day, for a long day, in as close as conditions as possible (i.e. outside if it's an outdoor wedding). The only way to find out what works best for you is to test!


  • I would use translucent powder over the top and then use a setting spray. Blotting papers are also good to freshen up. I have quite oily skin so experimented a lot, wore a full face to work for the whole day, saw how it looked at the end. I even did one foundation on half of my face and another type on the other half, to try out more at once! If you get a good powder and use it lightly it wont sacrifice the dewy look ur after, it'll just help it last! You need to practice, it should feel comfortable and familiar on the day! I did my own and have no regrets, all the best! 

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