Short for the wedding?

I've went between a pixie cut and shoulder length hair for the past few years. My hair doesn't seem to grow much longer than it is now without looking fairly crap, it becomes straggly and easily broken. I also suck at styling and end up with the same 3 hairstyles on repeat (bun, pony tail or straight and down).


I much prefer my hair shorter (chin length and above) but I'm, rather narcissisticly, worried about my wedding. I had always imagined a loose, low bun with curls etc but have a feeling it will be shit because my hair quality is so poor. It also seems to be that women instantly grow their hair for the wedding, almost an expected social norm.


I want to cut it again but I'm not sure how it would look on the day. Does anyone have any inspiration? Is anyone else refusing to conform to the long, flowing bridal locks?


  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,440

    My mum kept moaning at me to 'grow my hair' - I listened to her the first time round and regretted it when ever I looked at the photos.

    Getting married again and yes she did the same 'you are growing your hair aren't you'.... She has been moaning throughout the planning process that my hair is 'too short', 'too red'.  Apparently it looks better long, better curly, better a different colour etc etc.

    I have ignored every single negative comment and I am not listening to her at all.

    My hair is short, red and I love it.


    It is a bit messy in this pic... Lol.

    Ive got myself a lovely headpiece which is worn on the side.

  • If short is you, go for it. I think your hair is fabulous Badger, and a clear indicator that Mother does not always know best! 😜

  • Lovely badger! I've got an appointment at the hair dressers for Saturday, so we will see!

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    Mine is pixie cut and I never even considered growing it for the wedding because A) I want to look like myself on the day, and B) we would have had to postpone the wedding for at least a year!

    I'm having it curled, so it will still be a bit different and special, with a lovely hair comb at the side.

  • Would we pressure long-haired ladies to cut their hair before the wedding: I don't think so! So why should it be any different for short-haired girls? I think growing out your hair for a wedding is silly if short hair looks best. (Badgersbetty, your cut is super-cute.)  

    What's with trying to look like someone other than ourselves for the big day?? We don't need to be taller, thinner, long-haired, or anything else different for the big day. Just maybe more a more groomed version ;) 

  • I'm with Kitty... I will never understand women who want to make themselves look different for their weddings (thinner, different shape, taller, totally different makeup or hair....).  Our fiances love us just as we are, so why on earth wouldn't that be how we want to be on our wedding days?  😕

    If you prefer your hair shorter, have it shorter - you'll feel more comfortable and look and feek more like you x

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    If my hair goes longer than just brushing my shoulders it looks scraggly, thin and awful (it's currently past shoulders because I still haven't got around to a hair appointment haha). I had considered growing it so I would have more options on the day for it but instead I'm going to go on Pinterest for ideas :) the only bit in really changing is bringing back my full fringe. I let it grow out as keeping on top of it bugged me but h2b loved the fringe so figured I can bring it back one more time :)

  • image


    There are some gorgeous hair style you can have with some beautiful head pieces - stay true to yourself and go With what you makes you feel comfortable and happy :) x

  • I think Pixie Cuts are beautiful and if you love how you look stick to your guns.  However the other possibility is hair extensions for the big day?

  • My hair is also about chin length and is really fine and not that much of it (my friend's 4 year old marvelled at how little my ponytail was) I was wanting mine curled maybe and left down but hairdresser not sure my fine hair would hold curls for the whole day and is suggesting extensions to add volume rather than length, which will give her more to work with on the day - maybe something similar would work. Though if you have hair that behaves itself down - lucky you, go with it!

  • Thanks everyone. I'm definitely considering it. I feel as if the minute you are engaged and sst a date people assume you'll grow your hair/want some intricate bun/curl/pony tail mash up with 5zillion kirbies needed (excuse the hyperbole).


    My hair is shit long. It's been in the same bun or pony tail for a week with the same kirbies and bobble. It is uneven, again, at the back because it snaps too easily and it is still falling out in bloody handfuls at 9 months post partum.


    It's getting lobbed off.

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