Wedding eyelashes

Hi... I am thinking of wearing false lashes as a one off on my wedding day. I'm doing my own make up and don't really want to spend a lot .... I have bought a few pairs of ebay to have a practice with ... Pictures below. Do you think these will look too fake I'm really wanting the natural look?


  • I think these will look lovely. Not too thick. x

  • Scarlet89Scarlet89 Posts: 20

    I think they will be just fine :)

    I'm doing the same! Though the ones I ended up getting are quite dramatic, I kinda love them though (

    Definitely a good idea to get some practice in, you've inspired me to buy some cheap pairs and practice too!

  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride

    What about getting some 'party' lashes done?  I am terrible at putting false eyelashes on, it really stresses me out and then they always come away sooner than you want.  It's the main reason I didn't do my own make up.  Anyway, I've since discovered that most beauty salons do weekend/party lashes, which is the individual fans temporarily glued on.  They only cost about £15 and last about a week or more if you're careful 

  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 975 New bride

    Those lashes are lovely; they aren't very full so they are going to look incredibly natural. I personally like mine more dramatic, so I typically choose fuller styles, which also typically translate better on film. Make sure you not only practice putting them on, but do take some pictures so you can see how they look photographed.  You may be surprised that this style may "fade into the background" more than you thought it would when photographed and you may want to go with something fuller.

    Do def practice if you aren't used to putting falsies on. YouTube tutorials taught me the basics years ago. The biggest tips I can offer are to make sure to press down the inner and outer corners adequately because that's typically where they will pop up the most and make sure the glue is more dry than you think it should be before placing them.

    As someone else already mentioned, you could also go to a salon/spa or beauty counter to get them done. They can do either strips or the little clusters; the clusters in particular typically have better holding power.

  • elvis4nutselvis4nuts Posts: 102

    Most importantly...... buy good eyelash glue.  Preferably something like MAC.  Don't use what come with the lashes (if they comes with glue).  K

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