Mobile Hair and makeup artist Leics/Warwickshire border

Can anyone help me i'm looking for a really good mobile hair and makeup artist we are getting married on the Leicestershire Warwickshire border on Easter Sunday next year so i'm limited as salons are not open. Thanks!! Em x


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    I know of one, based around Hinckley. A friend of mine uses her for waxing etc. she does makeup and possibly hair. Can't remember her name as only met her once very briefly. She did friend of my friends daughters wedding and they were really impressed. I'll get her details and e-mail them to you (not that I know how to do that yet so if you can give me instructions I'd appreciate it!). Are you getting married at Bosworth Hall?
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    Just realised how you e-mail (am new to this and now feeling a little dopey!!). Will e-mail you when i have the details.
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    Lyndsey thanks for that link, do you know anyone who has used any of them?

    Lailac thanks for trying to find her details. Yes we are getting married at the Church at Bosworth Hall then having our reception at the Hall. Where are you getting married? Em x

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    We are getting married at Dodmoor House in Northants. H2B has been to weddings at Bosworth and he said it was lovely. I love that whole area, loads of nice walks from the park opposite. Are you going to the Leicester meet? Couldn't post on it as have been unable to log in for almost 2 weeks now.
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    Thanks it is always good to here nice things about where you are getting married, we love it but we are biased as we live just down the road. Can't make the Leicester meet. Noooo can't imagine not being able to get on here for 2 weeks! When are you getting married? Em x
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    It was a nightmare. I don't post much but when the option is taken away suddenly you feel lost. Had questions that needed answering as well, just had to search lots of old posts for the answers instead. H2B was quite sympathetic!Poor web master has been harrassed by my e-mails!!

    We're on July 31st 2008, how about you?
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    We are getting married on 23rd March (Easter Sunday) next year. Em x
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    Just spotted you put that in the first post. as I said before, am not so good at this!!
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  • eaheeahe Posts: 57

    I'm getting married near Market Harborough and Sarah White from Facetime is coming out to do hair & make-up.

    Hope this helps

  • emmaexelbyemmaexelby Posts: 635
    eahe, thanks for the recomendation Em x
  • Hi

    Ive just booked complexions in coventry for my wedding in £30 makeup £15...cheaper than all other quotes and the best trial..they come to the venue for about £5 petrol...perfect....might be worth a visit...

    I found it hard to find someone as I live in leics but wedding in warks....didn't know anyone in the area !!!
  • I think I'm going to use Mobile Beauty by Amanda, she's based in Loughborough but travels and does excellent value packages.
  • I can highly recommend - she covers the areas you mentioned.

    Juliet x
  • Thanks for the recomendations, i have found a fantastic person to do my makeup just now looking for a hairdresser if anyone can help. Thanks! Em x
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    i got married in the cotswolds and you can see from my wedding report what a disaster i had with the hairdresser! sadie and hayley at phoenix rose rescued me and they were fantastic! they are in evesham area so dont know if they travel but would be worth a go as i can thoroughly recommend them.

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    Please let me know if you find someone for your hair - I've got someone for make-up but need someone for hair. I'm getting married week after easter in the north warks area. x
  • LizCA I will def let you know when i find someone, where are you getting married? Em x

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    Live in Hartshill N.Warks, getting married in Bedworth (H2B family church) and then do at Hatton Village Hall Nr Warwick. We would have prefered to have the do a little nearer to to home, but there is nothing like it in N.warks. Are you local to Bosworth?
  • I know Bedworth beautiful church! We live 2 miles from Bosworth, i use the gym (not enough though lol) at the Hall. Em x
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