racoon hair extensions

Is anyone considering having hair extensions for wedding? I've got long hair but would like it to look a bit fuller on the big day (next July). My hair always looks lovely when I leave the hairdressers but by the time I get home it looks flat.

I've heard the racoon extensions are good - has anyone tried these?



  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    i am having hair extensions for wedding as my hair only ever gets to shoulder length not tried racoon extensions we have lots of salons nearby that do extensions

    ring up or go to a saloon near you and ask there adivce
  • Joanna72ukJoanna72uk Posts: 380
    I had hair extensions put in a couple of years ago!! they are very expensive very high maintenance and personally not worth the effort! i am having clip in hair extensions for the wedding which i can take out the next day with no stress to my own hair a lot lot cheaper and the overall look will be the same... if you do decide to have them done make sure you get a thorough consultation first, and also if you roots are slighty oily i really wouldnt recommend them as you cant wash you hair as you normally would and the oil loosens the bonds which then makes the extensions fall out.
  • I am getting my hair extensions in November, i am going for my consulation next month, I am looking forward to it! All the girls at the salon have the racoon hair and they look fabulous and their hair is the best I have seen!

    Heidi xx
  • kat1982ukkat1982uk Posts: 197
    I had racoon hair extensions for over a year and personally I think they are a waste of money! They are better ones around now. Racoon extensions are held in with glue which ruins your own hair. You can get hair extensions now (semi permanent) that are clipped into your hair with metal bonds. Also the clip in hair extensions are brilliant. I use them now and they look so natural! xx
  • hi joanne72 you said you had the clip in hair extensions,could i just ask how much you paid for them? my mobile hairdresser said she can get them for me but they would cost 150.00, is this about right?or do u think thats expensive? x
  • I'm having a big pony tail, my hairdresser is getting me a hair piece to give my own hair a bit of oomph!!
  • Oops sorry ladies, I got it wrong, I am having Dome/Atenna Hair extensions, the only company that has never been approached for ruining anyones hair simply because they do not use glue at all!


    Heidi xx
  • try the jessica simpson range through www.hothair.co.uk

    it is a half wig that clips onto the underneath of your own hair and i love mine..... i wore it yesterday to my dress fitting and no one even guessed image it will make your hair fuller and more body and only cost £65 pounds for a long one. also very easy to put in your self...... hope it helps
  • I've just had the racoon extensions and i think they look great and really natural (my partner loves them). I considered clip in extensions but due to the thickness of my hair i was told by both my normal hairdrsser and people who used them in the past that they don't look as natural. Also i've been warned against the temp extesions that are weaved in as these are the ones that cause the most damage. I think it's all down to personal choice. I'd advise you to try a couple of salons who do the extensions as i was lucky and the girl who did my extensions wasn't pushy at all and advised me of all the the different types and what finish i can expect from each. she also went thru how much it would cost so i could make a decision on all of the options that would suit my budget not just the most expensive. Sorry i've gone on a bit.
  • Hi Jilly

    I got racoon hair extensions last year,,they where fab..

    I moved over to north london last month ,I tried a new place near me.


  • Thankyou so much to everyone for your helpful advice.

    Still not sure what I'm going to go for but now have lots of options to look into.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their wedding planning.

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