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Hi all

With 9 months to go until my big day, I am starting to think about a proper skin regime.  I have been a bit haphazard with products over the years and have taken my relatively good skin for granted, but starting to see some lines appearing plus what looks like the beginnings of rosacea on my cheeks it's time to sort out a proper regime. 

My skin is generally fairly clear and 'normal' apart from the occasional zit, and when the season changes (like now) I get some dry patches.  I have quite deep set eyes so underneath can look shadowy/dark circles and as I mentioned I think I have a little rosacea setting in (thank you very much stressful job!!)

Does anyone have any recommendations? TIA :)


  • It would depend on budget, but you could go to a local clinic for a consultation with a skin expert. They may try and sell you some products. Or go to a clarins counter or the like.

    Also research some brands of facial care such as Obagi

  • Hi 

    from experience and being a skin therapist I would recommended going along for a skin analysis at your local salon to determine what your skin needs. It’s likely you just need to tweak your routine or introduce a great product. From what you have said though I would think slight light exfoliation and a hero product such a Dermalogica Barrier repair- pricey but AMAZING.

    good thinking though getting your skin in tip toe condition in advance you have plenty of time so don’t stress! 


    Hope this helps x 

  • Thank you for your replies. I’ve booked in for a dermalogica pro60 facial which includes face mapping so hopefully will come out with a suitable regime :) 

  • Looking for a cosmetology clinic is a good choice. Still, if you just watch what you eat, there won't be any skin problems -- no greasy, fried, spicy and sweet foods and use good skin care products (personally i use various oils like to nourish my skin)


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    I was suffering from little broken veins around my nose which turned out to be Rosacea:( I had to have treatment on my cheeks also! I was deperate to not have to use yellow primer as it made my makeup look heavy. I completed 4 sessions before the wedding and my skin looked so good.. I bought a course of 6 but I cant use the other two as I am too tanned now, so I will wait until the Winter again! I saw a lady called Lucy and I went to

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