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Help! Hair and make up for short haired bride

Hi all, I am getting married in Surrey in October, I want my make up done fo the day but I dont wear a lot, and i have a pixie cut as does my mum, some of the hair prices seem very high when I dont really have hair! I am looking for any ideas I would like to have a hair and make up person at the hotel to do me and my mum adn then just hair for my daughter who will be 9 before we travel to the registy office - its quite a chilled out wedding and I am going for a 50s theme with my look. Has anyone got any non bank breaking recommendations - my mum has very short hair too and my daughters is just below her shoulders. Many thanks! Also make up counters - if its easier for me to do my own has anyone had any success with a paticular brand?


  • I use a mix of both high-end and drugstore make-up products.  I just learned to do my own over the years by looking at magazines and more recently, by watching YouTube tutorials (which I am now obsessed with).  If make-up is your thing, you could certainly do the same.  If you aren't into make-up, which it sounds like you aren't, I would consider hiring someone.  Even if you master doing your day-to-day make-up, you're going to have to adjust how you do it for your wedding day, in that the style you want will likely be different, you'll be wearing all white, and you'll be photographed a lot.  Plus, if you say you don't wear much make-up on a daily basis, the amount you could spend in buying products (and then buying more when certain ones don't work out) while likely come close to the price of just hiring a make-up artist (especially if you don't have your own brushes).  
    As far as hair, @Cecilia13 on here has a planning thread and also has quite short hair, which is adorable.  Maybe take a look and see if any of her looks appeal to you.  Short of that, I would just Google or look to Pinterest for ideas.  If you're going for a 50s theme, maybe just wear your hair as you normally do and go for a birdcage style veil.  

  • Thanks, I normally wear my hair as it comes from the shower lol and make up wise I rarely wear it neither does my mum so sounds like we both need professional help that way and attack the hair ourselves:) 
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    @Cecilia13 is your lady here- she’s posted some gorgeous photos of her hair and make up on her thread, she has a pixie cut too. 

    Bobbi Brown do a free bridal makeup class that you could go along to. I did it and decided afterwards to pay a MUA, to keep stress down on the morning.
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    Can see you've had some excellent make up advice. Re. hair, I'd go for something on a headband. You can get covered bands that will blend in with your hair colour so all you really see is the decoration bit. 

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    Yay a fellow short-haired bride! I have done a whole lot of googling and there isn't much out there to help, but I've found a few things that seem really beautiful to me. Personally I found two hairbands and twisted them together for lots of sparkle. I've experimented with different lengths, when I grow it out just slightly I can slick it back which can look quite elegant, or I keep it shorter and just use a bit of texture in the front.

    This way you hardly have to do anything, and just adding a simple hairband (or birdcage veil type thing if that's your style!) Makes a big impact with basically zero hair skill needed. 

    That is when it's a bit longer and all I did was use wet-look gel and smooth it back. Again, no skill needed, and doesn't take long. 

    If I wasn't doing my super sparkly band/crown thing, I found this on Google which I thought was really simple and beautiful, and I'm going to experiment to see how you apply it, but I imagine just a bit of hairspray for stickness and then adding touches of the gold leaf. It could work either with normal or slicked back I think:

    And then just a normal bridal hairband or crown:

    Sorry for a million pictures! Hopefully it's helpful in some way :).
  • thank you those are all fab pics! Well my mum has conviced me ot go tfor a MUA and I have found one that will style my fringe and pop in my veil for free so I think I will book her as her make up prices wre reasonable - I love all this ideas that birdcage veil one is exactly what I am looking for so thank you!
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    No problem :) hope to see how it turns out!
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