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Beauty appointments - how far on advance?

AwhelenqtAwhelenqt Posts: 856 New bride
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When are you booking your appointments for? Or when did you, if you're already married?

Things like:
Hair dying 
Hair cut 
Hair extensions 
Lash lift/tint/extensions
Waxing (not that I'm going to do this but might be helpful for others reading this!)
Lip fillers 
Teeth whitening 


  • AwhelenqtAwhelenqt Posts: 856 New bride
    (I mean how long before your wedding like a week before the wedding day, the day before etc not when did you make the booking)
  • I have a lot of things done a regular basis so I'll toss my schedule out there.

    Hair colouring is one of the most sensitive for me (since having an appointment gone VERY wrong before my prev nuptials).  If you are sticking with the same colour AND the same stylist, I think colour looks its best about a week after.  Any too-dark, too-bright tones fade and that weird just-coloured feel is gone.  It also gives you a week to do a toner and let that settle if needs be.  If you are trying anything new (new cut, new colour, new stylist), I don't feel it's ever too early before your wedding to get scheduled.  Get scheduled several months out and see how it goes; that gives you plenty of time to fix anything you don't like.  

    I get my facial fillers done about every 3-4 months.  I think they look/ feel best at about 2 weeks after.

    Tooth whitening, I do the Zoom Whitening in-office treatment about every other year.  I do the at-home whitening strips about twice a month to maintain my results.  I don't like/ use the trays.  I honestly think the whitening strips I've been using for years work about as well as the office treatment.  When I first started using the whitening strips, I used them about every other day until I got the results I wanted.

    I've done loads of different lash ext systems. They're all different - take different amounts of time to apply, last different amounts of time, look their best at different stages.  The new so-called long-lasting, semi-permanent ones look best right away, and look more and more pants as your own lashes grow out (i.e. Nova Lash).  I actually like the old-school individual lashes and lash clumps applied with old-school glue (Duo) better. I found they irritated my eyes less, lasted about a week, were cheap, caused less damage to my natural lashes, and looked just as good.  Any lash extension is going to look its best at the start and less nice as the days go on - but if you've never had them done before, i would highly suggest having it done at least a month or more out to see how your eyes feel.  You'll have to have them re-done before the big day, but better that than having some kind of allergic reaction or something the day before your wedding.  If you like your trial run and don't have a reaction, then a few days before the wedding would be best.

    I'm ridiculously hard on my nails. If I get them done for an event, I have to do it the day before, no sooner.  How soon to have them done just depends on your lifestyle.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    I'll get my eyebrows threaded about 3 days before to let any redness go down.
    Nails will be the day before as I'm doing my own flowers etc and usually keep my nails really short, so they'll only get ruined if I try to do them sooner.
    Will probably have hair cut and coloured a couple of weeks before, but will discuss with hairdresser at my first trial in March as we are doing a colour consultation then too.
    That's probably all I'll do, was considering getting the deep frown lines between my eyebrows filled but getting pretty good results with hyuralonic acid and retinol so probably won't bother, especially as C wouldn't approve and it costs serious money conpared to what I'm used to spending on myself. I have very full lips so am lucky in that respect. 
    I'll just wear fake lashes on the day, have no patience or desire to have eyelash extensions done.

  • hello 985hello 985 Posts: 5 New bride
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    Eyebrows a few days before. Nails the day before and no earlier before that given how easy it is to chip or damage them.
    If you're having an MUA, ask them to do your lashes for you on the day. Much easier than eyelash extensions and will save you a few pennies x
  • EllaBella23EllaBella23 Posts: 48 New bride
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    I’ve been having lash extensions for 5 years now and my advice would be to definitely get them done about 4 days before. That way they’ll still look fresh but any redness in your eyes will have died down at this point.

    I got mine done 4 days before my wedding and had a really bad reaction to the glue (Despite having them done so regularly - you never know what will happen!) and my eyeballs were quite literally bright red afterwards! Luckily faded just in time otherwise I would of looked like some sort of vampire bride 😂
  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride
    Nails - I did mine on the Wednesday (wedding was on Sat) but she was around both Thurs and Fri in case of any issues (there weren't
    Hair dying - Had my highlights done at the same time as the cut
    Hair cut - 1 week before
    Hair extensions - N/A
    Lash lift/tint/extensions- I did a lift and tint just under a week before, but I have them regularly anyway
    Waxing (not that I'm going to do this but might be helpful for others reading this!)- 5 days before.  
    Lip fillers - N/A
    Teeth whitening - N/A
  • My hair dresser actually recommended I have my colour done a month before the wedding, so I've gone with that. It's not drastic so I don't get roots, just covering the greys!  :D 
    I'm having my hair up, so no more than the tiniest trim until after the wedding.

    I had a lash extension trial this week for my June wedding, and want to try a different salon in the next couple of months. I'll probably have them done 1-2 days before he wedding, depending if I go for the place by work or the place near my house...
    Eyebrow threading at the same time while I'm there.

    I have a dental hygienist appointment the week of the wedding - I don't whiten beyond that!
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