Feeling deflated post trial

Hi ladies,
Would love to hear your thoughts and shared experiences....feeling pretty flat today.
Yesterday I went to a makeup and hair trial with my mum. I had my hair done first while mum had makeup done. Eventually got there with the hair and largely happy with how it looks but promised it can look neater and more volume on the day, photos below.
Makeup was a different story, not sure if it’s because mum was longer than planned or probably because hair took up all the time but I felt super rushed and here’s what didn’t work out:
- Realised too late how bad lighting was so every time artist asked my opinion I had to walk to a different room to check
- Being asked too frequently what I thought when there was hardly any makeup on my face so I felt self conscious and didn’t like how I looked
- Airbursh foundation - expected this to make my skin look flawless, couldn’t see any difference to my usual skin. So I said this and she kept layering - it just looked flat and lacked any lusture or smoothness - could see my pores and undertones.
- Expected more - just a little bit of blusher, thought wedding makeup would involve hours of tricks with highlighter and all sorts.

I don’t know what to do. I feel the light played a big part and the chaos with having both hair, makeup and my mum there. Feel I should give the lady another chance but equally just was so shocked that she raced about how good airbrush looked on me when I couldn’t even see it. I want very natural makeup but couldn’t see it, I mean I could see all my dark circles and pink blemishes - and she wasn’t planning to conceal or use other liquids.

So long sorry - just not sure what to have expected!


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    I do love the hair.
    But I also think you have to trust your hair and makeup person. So it might be worth trying another one if you just didn't click with this one.
    I know it's money, but you don't want to have to worry about it on the day...
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    I personally don't like airbrush foundation, i've had it many times for photo shoots and I just don't like the coverage, or lack of. It's exactly as you say, it looks like my normal skin (and I don't have the best skin). I know a lot of makeup artists rave about it but it's just not for me at all, no matter what lighting is used. I would try someone else in all honesty just for a trial and don't have your mum done at the same time, that way all the focus can be on what you like and you won't feel like you're rushing. I'm not saying give up on this hair and makeup artist you've already tried, but there's no harm in trying someone else for comparison. 

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    I had a hair and make-up trial and months later still wasn't happy with the hair. I called the artist and organised a second trial. Made me much happier. 
  • If you're not 100% comfortable then you should definitely request another trial or reach out to another artist that could do your makeup if that's the issue. The MOST important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your suppliers so that the morning of your wedding is as stress-free as possible - you want butterflies about your big moment, not about someone doing your hair/makeup.

    A makeup trial is exactly what it means, a trial. Yes, you will have paid for the privilege of the artist's time and equipment but they are auditioning to work with you. Don't be afraid to call them back for a second one if you're not sure, or start looking at others to try.

    One last alternative might be to have them do your hair and you take a class to learn some pro techniques so you can do your own makeup if you know exactly what you want. It has become surprisingly popular for brides to do their own makeup now. Just worth a thought :)

    (and I don't rate airbrushing. Highlighter is a weapon of choice, you are totally on point with this!!)

    Kirsty x
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    Thank you for all the thoughts and helpful suggestions x x
    I will try another trial but perhaps some makeup lessons as back up and for future fabulousness regardless of the wedding!
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