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Impossible Hair and Make Up Logistics?!

So i'm having an issue finding a hair and make up artist in budget anyway, but my second (and honestly to me - biggest) issue is everyone I have spoken to seems to say we will need to start before 9am for a 1:30 ceremony. There is myself, mum, and  maid of honour all for hair and make up, and 3 bridesmaids for hair only. 

Now  I totally accept that i'm basically seeking the impossible, but starting at home and travelling down to the venue is my worst nightmare. 

From what I can see my options are: 

- Suck it up and get ready at home from about 7am and them move to the venue when we have access at 9am. 

- Cut back and maybe just have all the bridesmaids do each others hair in turn? One has SUPER long hair and another has really short, so i feel like it would balance out. 

- Have 2 people for all the hair and make up, and a third separate person for the hair only

There's room at the venue for 4 people to be "worked on" at once if that helps. 

I'm lost with it all and already VERY over dealing with it, so any help is hugely appreciated. 


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    The last couple of weddings I've been a bridesmaid at I've had to arrive at 8am, and there were only 5 of us, so the timings sound about right to me!
    There are 5 of us for my wedding and we'll be starting around 8am too, that's one hairdresser and one MUA. Can't a couple of people have their hair done at yours pre-9am then move the the ceremony venue? It doesn't have to be you, you can then get ready at the venue completely.
  • It could work, i'm just so begrudging of it. It means finding a way to have either at least my mum and maid of honour stay over (neither are reliable to be up in time to get to mine for even 8am..) and honestly i was really hoping to not have to have that. I could have bridesmaids but one will have a one year old, the other might not need it doing anyway as she has the shortest hair, and the last one is my FHs sister so would be ok, but i dont really have much room in the house haha. 

    I dont know what i want to do the night before/morning of, but if possible its limit interactions with my mum, and have some time to myself to relax and manage my anxiety. 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    Were you planning on getting separate hair and make-up artists?

    I had one artist doing both hair and make-up for five people (me, mum and three bridesmaids). She started at 9am and the cars picked us up at 2pm. We all had our hair and make up done fine in that time (she worked right up until the end, but wasn't rushing or anything). So I would suggest you hire separate artists to do hair and make-up if possible, just because you've got slightly less time than I had and one more person (even though three of yours are hair only). But apart from that, I don't see why you'd have to start before 9am.

    It's always worth checking with the venue to see if you can get in early.
  • I'm definitely open to having separate ones, that's a great argument for doing so! Thank you!

    I might drop them a message and see, i'm crossing fingers that they might be accommodating after previous dramas. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Yes we have separate ladies for hair and make up, works a lot better. 
  • MabelcatBMabelcatB Posts: 44 New bride
    Could you get your bridesmaids to get their hair started the night before? I've been a bridesmaid and been asked to do this twice - pin curls over night, and blow dry/straighten my hair the night before so it's quicker to style on the morning of the wedding. Could cut down timings and save some stress!
  • @MabelcatB thats a fab idea thank you! I will have a think about styles and see if its plausible to do but i'm sure they wont mind if it is. 
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