Feedback on my THIRD hair trial please?

So my sister's sister-in-law did my first hair trial which turned out bad so she tried the second time and it looked much better BUT still not polished, messy, not elegant, and it looked like I was going to prom. I had my hair stylist who typically cuts/colors my hair take a stab at it and he did really good! It looked elegant and neat, very similar to my inspiration photo BUT not exactly the same (the braiding/weaving part is different). However, I will have a hair accessory that sits on top so I'm not sure if it'd even matter because it'd cover it up.

Thoughts on his work? Should it look exactly like Pinterest? He's only charging me $60 USD whereas other vendors are charging $300 for hair, trial, and fees! 
Inspiration Photos

Old Stylist vs New Stylist

New Stylist (left) Old stylist (Right)


  • ClareBClareB Posts: 77 New bride
    I think many photos on pinterest are hard to achieve in real life (lots of extensions, hair spray, might look totally awful from every angle other than the one photographed) so don't hold out for it looking exactly the same. The photos of your third trial look great, especially the front - don't forget that most of your photos will be from the front and if you're happy with that, that's more important than the rest of it. 
  • Yes, I’ve been searching other stylists and their sideswept work and it doesn’t seem the same as Pinterest but close. I do love it but my mom thinks it’s too simple and should be more like Pinterest but she’s one of those mom that critique too much. Thank you for your input!!
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