got my make up trial today nervous

hi i've got my make up trial today and am a bit nervous never had anyone do my make up before and am worried about if i don't like it how can i tell her. will let you all know how it goes


  • aah good luck hun. please come back and tell us all about it. if it helps, i was very nervous when i had my trial cos i had never had my makeup done before either, but it was great. just enjoy every minute of it. x
  • Don't be nervous! I would suggest that you tear some pictures of makeup you like from magazines - this will give the artist a good idea of how you want to look.

    Don't be afraid to tell her if you want any changes made as she will not mind.

  • Theres no need to be nervous, take pictures that you have seen and if you tell her you are nervous she should do each part step by step then show you so youll be confident in whats she is doing. Hope it goes well.

    Sam X
  • ApeseyApesey Posts: 1,395
    How did it go?
  • yeah im wondering how it went too. x
  • Katza84Katza84 Posts: 787
    post some pix if you can!
  • sorry got back late late last night from london we went to the wedding show and stayed in london on thursday night. it went fab she made me feel really relaxed and i still looked like me at the end which i was happy with and h2b liked it too. so i booked her shes very reasonable and so far i would recommend her to anyone.

    i will try and post a pic when get them off the camera
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