Brazilian Waxing!

I have booked in to have a brazilian wax 3 days before my wedding. I have never had one before and am a bit worried about the pain. Does it really really hurt ? Is it sore afterwards? I am hoping it is a quick very short pain and then not sore afterwards I hopethis is the case. Would you recommend it? Or will I still be in pain by the weding night ? xxx


  • It's more painful than just a normal bikini wax bit it isn't that bad. You might be a bit bruised and tender tho. Is three days before the wedding long enough before?
  • LoL, Ah ive been having them for years, defo the way to go as the hair hardly grows back now and when it does its really thin and fine.

    yeah it does tingle a bit and you will be a bit brite red after, dont have a hot bath either for a few hours as that just makes it redder,

    they should apply a lotion over the area once its been done that soothes it but i would defo have it done, and keep it up,

    you will need to exfoliate the area too to prevent ingrowing hairs - but if you were to shave (which i wouldnt recomend anyone to do as thats just awful, it would pull your hairs and cut them)

    way to go girl - once you start you will see a diffence xxx
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    It kills...!!! You'll need more than 3 days to recover and be "ready " for your wedding nite!!!! x
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    Brazillian waxes dont hurt that much i have a hollywood wax now that is pain! i find taking a couple of ibuprofen before hand helps the pain slightly failing that just get drunk and you wont feel a thing x x x
  • I dont get it, I must be weird! If I have it done it grows back after 2 weeks, really itchy and sore! Not the look I want for Honeymoon :\(

    My fella loves it tho so dunno how to get round that... :\?

    Hope it works okay for you tho! xx
  • I was going to ask how long it usually lasts? Going on honeymoon for a month to places I def wouldn't trust the salons... x
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    Depends on your hair type if its very coarse it could come back within 2 weeks or if you have finer hair that can last up to 6 weeks x
  • I find it SO painful!! And they only seem to last 2 - 3 weeks... but i must say after the 1st day the soreness goes away and it does feel nice and clean and my other half loves it : )

    So yes... i will am planning to suffer for the man i love before my may wedding and get it done!!!

    Why dont you try it out a few mths before your wedding to see how you feel about it? x
  • well I've been shaving since I met h2b (his request, lol, I'd never heard of the idea!) and I'd never go back to having hair down there, so I'm thinking maybe I should just start getting it waxed regularly... guessing it gets easier the more you have it done!
  • I've never had one but I'm interested in knowing what its like - isn't it really embarrassing?! How does it work? It's not really the pain I'm worried about but the actual mechanics of getting it done - i think I would be mortified!!! I'm such a prude - but I think it would be a great idea for the honeymoon etc
  • If you choose a professional salon then it really isnt embarrasing at all as the beauticians will be totally professional and will put you at ease. Dont forget... this is their job - they see all types of things in there!

    You do keep your knickers on the whole time, they just re-arrange each side to allow them to apply the wax so you dont feel completely exposed. If you explain that its your first time then im sure they will be extra sensitive and attentive. Its good to go with recommendations so spk to friends in your area and see if they have a fav beautician that they would recommend! Good luck x
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    Brazilian can be embarrasing for the client but as a beauty therpaist trust me we have seen everything, we just see it as a nother part of your body. In regards to hair growth what you have to understand is that you have a hair growth cycle and while we may have waxed away everything your hair may have fallen out naturally before this and this is why you have hair growth after only 2 weeks. As most of you know it can be painful depending a lot on your pain threshold but the pain does go away and pretty quickly. Hope this helps.
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    I had this done 2 days before I went on holiday last year and my god the pain was awful!! It wasn't so much the whole waxing part (i'm a complete whoos so probably hurt me more than most people!) but the thing was the next few days! Ouch!! I would definitely recommend having it done at least a couple of times before your wedding though, if i wasn't such a baby i'd def have it done regularly, as h2b loved it! I just cant face putting myself throught he pain! Good luck!

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    I've been having them for about 6 years now. The first time was a killer, and I was red and spotty and tender for several days. Subsequent times have been less painful and my skin has reacted less, but I would still recommend 5 days between the wax and your wedding night. No hairs will have grown back in this time, and your skin will have had a chance to calm down xx
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    Just remember girls, no sunbathing, hot baths/showers or perfumed products for 24 hours after and make sure and exfoliate
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    So what am I doing wrong?! Once waxed I exfoliate like nobodies business, but I STILL get ingrowers, and it seems to come back so fast (I barely get a single week out of it before it starts to go blotchy, red, sore, ie. all the beginnings of regrowth) that I can't keep up! It really gets me down cos I have to admit it's a little more "spread out" than most people's (bloody eastern european family!), so I get extremely embarrassed about it by week 2 of any holiday.... and going swimming isn't exactly an activity I can do without warning...ANY suggestions welcome. Would love to have it all lasered off but am afraid of the cost cos of how much there is of it! It'[s only the bikini line I have probs with.
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    Hi Saver,

    Dont worry it happens with some people, it could be your hair growth cycle, it could be your heritage, although I am fair with blonde hair I have a quick regrowth because part of family are Italian however it can be due to an underlying probleam also, like thyroid problems or hormonal and sometimes even stress can cause a quick regrowth. Laser would be the best option however I agree it is very expensive.
  • missyc

    Been having hollwood waxes for so long now.I have to admit the first time abit painful but once you start going you will get used to it.

    I have a regular beautican who has been waxing me for ages so we know each other so the embarresment isn't there anymore.

    From experience the wax when they use the strips hurts more than when they use the wax which is like honey and they pull it off without strips(sounds odd I know)!!!xx
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    The wax without strips is hot wax and is usually used for such an intimate waxing because the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin which is why it is less painful than using the strips.
  • If you have time why don't you find a good salon and go for regular trips, staring off keeping it quite straight forward and everytime creep further up. Thats how I got there and it did't hurt that much as I got used to it plus I got to really trust my beautician.
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    Hi girls thanks for all your advice. I have 4 weeks before my wedding and was told 2 weeks ago to let it grow and not shave like I normally do. I have booked it in 3 days before the wedding but am thinking of changing it to a week before as hopefully that will be enough time for the soreness to go down thanks to your great advice. I will probably be just as nervous about this as I will my vows (joke!!) Anyway h2b likes the idea what we do for the men we love!!!

    Thanks again girls

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    Ok, I have heard of Brazilian Waxing and Hollywood waxing but never had the the chance to ask what either of them are, I have a reasonable idea but....... details without being gross would be nice if thats possible.
  • My understanding is that hollywood leaves *no* hair wheras brazilian can leave a strip at the front. But I think you can probably negotiate as most places that do one should be able to do both!
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    QUOTE: Just remember girls, no sunbathing, hot baths/showers or perfumed products for 24 hours after and make sure and exfoliate

    Rosapenny is soooooooo right! All of the above is ESSENTIAL!!!

    Also, hot wax (as opposed to warm strip wax) is WAY less painful and also I've found that I get virtually no ingrown hairs with hot wax, whereas with strip wax I get dozens and I hate it!

  • help - my foufou area is killing!

    I've had a wax done before but not for ages,

    I usually use hair remover cream, epilate some, but leave the 'underneath' part.

    My dermatologist did advise me not to wax for 2 years following a course of Roaccutane, but I thought I'd be fine, told the therapist, she used some tea tree thick wax froma tube - never seen before. I was totaly fine during, but am so so so sore now, over 24 hours later.

    not used soap, perfume etc, didn't have that much off, but have big red blotches, and one patch v near the vag. is like the top layer of skin's actually come off.

    I'm going for my first fitting tomorrow and I'm worried about sitting on the train for 2.5 hours to get there in knickers which could hurt. I've used a little E45 which I think has irriated the raw patch - any other advice please??


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