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This is something ive seen posted around but when ive gone to look for it i cant find it!! agh!! So i apologise for posting a common thread.


Well i havent properly budgeted, so it seems, for hair and make up. For myself ive set aside my regular haircut and colour plus £40 for the hair trial and another £40 for the style on the day. This is what ive been quoted. But then discussing things with my bridesmaids the other day i've realised that its probably best if i get them all styled as well PLUS get a make up artist for us. So im assuming, that with 4 bridesmaids all having hair and makeup done, AND myself, im looking at about £1000 on hair and makeup? Each have to have a hair trial and then a style on the day. Then im assuming the same sort of payment scheme applies to make up artists meaning in total about £900......

Im getting married October 2008 in Kent (Wilmington/Dartford area) so if anyone can budget me correctly i'd seriously appreciate it! Ta!



  • Hi there, I know Cheryll at Dreams in Greenhithe does it, had planned to have do mine for our uk wedding. She has also done a few of my friends for weddings and race days. If I remember correctly its done as a package.

    Maybe your BMs do not need trials really, I asked my BMs and both actually said they would rather do their own make up. One is allergic to lots of things and the other just prefered to. Talk to your girls in a loose sense first see what they think. I will gladly forward the number for Dreams if you want it, just shout.
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    I cannot recommend the girl who did my hair and make-up for my wedding in September enough. She also did all my BMs hair and make-up plus my mum, MIL2B and a little flowergirl (although she did have to arrive at 7.15am to get us all done!)

    Her name is Kirsty McCall and I've recommended her on here before.

    She doesn't have a website, but you can contact her via email on:-

    [email protected]

    and examples of her work are here:-

    (My pics are rows 14 and 15 - I'm standing in front of a mirror, amd my mum and 3 BMs are there too. I LOVED my hair, all twirly!)

    Tell her Emma from Abbey Wood recommended her (she thinks it's great that I come on here as she has had lots of bookings via Y&YW!)

    Let me know how you get on!

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    My only concern is that some places say that you have to have a trial....

    Ive seen a few companies that do a 'group' package like makeup for you and 3 bridesmaids for around £300 which sounds great but then its also a compulsory 'trial', which is ok i guess because it can be part of the hen night treat or something but it does seem a bit steep the whole thing. Ive also been told by another person that she cant do my makeup UNLESS i have it done for all my bridesmaids as well because its not worth her while otherwise...
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    I doubt Kirsty would do that.

    I did have a trial, but she only charges £25 for hair and £25 for make-up and did two different 'looks' for me to try out.

    My sister had a trial as well, but there was no need for her to do so (she just wanted to see how it would look!)

    I admit that some people are a complete rip off. I was quoted £200 for make-up ONLY by one woman. Was she going to use gold leaf on my eyelips or what?!?!?!
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    Well ive been quoted £180 for make-up and trial for me and then £80 for each bridesmaid (make-up and trial). You pay half on the trial. Half on the day. Im thinking about having her because she's had ALOT of experience, is very enthusiatic, doesnt require a deposit and is recommended. She's also happy to organise my whole wedding morning for me as well including my schedule and getting dressed which would be a whole load off my mind...
  • If your anywhere near sittingbourne there is a brides shop there, with a beauty bit upstairs, at the moment she is charging £50 for hair and makeup, she did mind and is so nice and great, you can e mail for anymore details, ive also got lots of other kent wedding contacts i used cakes, cars flowers etc

    Helen xx
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