Hairstyle ideas


Can anyone suggest any websites for people with long really curly hair. Every website or magazine i have looked at you either have to have long hair or curly hair never both. H2B loves my hair down but i dont want to wear it like i normally do.

Please can anyone help?


  • Hi Nicknic - if you have Microsoft Word, I can e-mail you pictures that I got from a YAYW member. E-mail me your address if so.
  • for hair ideas i looked at theknot, but also did a google image search for wedding hair, and then searched flickr for 'wedding hair' and 'hair trial' etc. hundreds of pictures like these:

  • Thank you

    I've just had a look and it is really helpful i never though to just goggle it.

  • Hi,

    I have very long (below waist) curly hair, I went to the trouble of straightening it and then the hairdresser set it in even curls (so each looked the same), the top half was pinned up (she twisted the curls up around her finger then set them with pins) with a high bit at the front which my tiara sat in front of, the straight piece was swept across my forehead and then set behind my ear and curled from there down (not sure if I have really explianed that, I would put in a picture but my computer is rather huffy about it).

    Hope this helps.

  • thank you

    that style sounds quite nice might have to try that one.

  • Hi TeresaJH

    thanks for the reply. Sorry i haven't answered you but how do i find your email address.
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