Are facials worth it?

I have pretty good skin with the the occasional spot - hormones and stress usually. I use Liz Earle products and cleanse. tone and moisturise twice daily. I also use a scrub and face masks as I need them. I read somewhere that monthly facials are worthwhile in the run up to the wedding but not sure if they will make that much of a difference. Getting married in Feb and really want to look fantastic on my big day so would love to know your opinions/feedback on this x


  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    I have Dermatalogic (I think that's how you spell it) facials once every 3 months and they are amazing. I get so many comments after I've been such as 'Oooh your skin is glowing' or 'what have you been using'. They cost about £40 for a basic one but make my skin feel so soft and clean - so worth it.
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